Fall Guys & Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover Has Leaked Some Visuals

The Latest Fall Guys Crossover With Sonic The Hedgehog Has Leaked Some Visuals

Fall Guys has been on a tear lately, with the move to all consoles, becoming free-to-play, and having solid crossovers like Godzilla, but the latest Sonic The Hedgehog mashup has sprung a leak.

The most known attribute of Sonic the Hedgehog is his ability to run at high speeds and signature catchphrase ‘gotta go fast,’ but imagine instead of going fast, you can go decently slow with a total of 60 clumsy bean-shaped players on a Green Hill Zone inspired Fall Guys course. The course is brilliantly named Bean Hill Zone, and has had visuals and video leaks from the exciting Sonic cross-over.

Fall Guys &Amp; Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover Has Leaked Some Visuals

Known Fall Guys Twitter leaker, @FGPancake has revealed some exciting screens for the new ‘zones,’ and more importantly, some actual video footage of the gameplay. It’s truly inspiring how a party platforming game has captured the essence of the first stage from the Sega Genesis masterpiece, Sonic the Hedgehog, which has seen a recent release in Sonic Origins, and the titular character will travel to new Frontiers later this year. The gameplay from FGPancake can be seen below:

YouTube video

It’s made readily apparent the bean-shaped ‘heroes’ of Fall Guys, were not only NOT made to go fast, but doing signature blue blur loop-de-loops while remaining on their legs wasn’t in the cards either by the gameplay shown. Although the zone appears to work, the lack of Green Hill Zone music can’t be understated. There’s still a chance before a formal, not leaky announcement is made for the track to be included, or even a remix with the classic Fall Guys music. But, the Assassin’s Creed cross-over didn’t include music, so fans shouldn’t get hopes up just yet.

The leak continued today, with the next potential leak coming from the Masters of the Universe series, complete with Fall Guys heroes dressed as He-man, Skeletor, Teela, and Battle Cat. Although these are not by any stretch formal announcements, so they should be taken with a grain of salt, the info provided looks incredibly sound and is made in that lovable Fall Guys style.

While fans await a formal announcement, dashing over to the official Fall Guys Twitter is a safe bet to stay in the loop about upcoming bean related info.

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