Fitbit Releases Exciting Charge 5 Wearable & New Premium Features

Fitbit Releases New Charge 5 Wearable Along With New Features for Premium Service

Fitbit announced today that they will be releasing the latest wearable with the Fitbit Charge 5, along with many new features to the Premium service.

Fitbit has long been known as the premiere wearable company. Making some of the most stylish and feature-rich fitness trackers, they have continued to improve year after year. It has been a while now since Fitbit was purchased by Google, and the fruits of that merger are starting to take shape, along with a new Charge that looks to improve on all the specs people know and love.

Launching at a $229.95 CAD entry price, the new Charge 5 looks to improve on one of the most popular fitness bands the company makes. The new thinner design, now features a colour touch screen, a week-long battery, and has all the bullet points you would want from a modern day fitness tracker.

The band is more lightweight and low-profile than ever, with it bein 10% slimmer, and the screen is 200% brighter than the past Charge 4 model. The Charge has all the tools you could want to track all aspects of your life, from EDA Scan app for stress management, ECG assessments for AFib (launching soon), high/low heart rate notifications and sleep insights. It has a built-in GPS, 20 exercise modes, and Active Zone Minutes to track your movements in real time.

If that were not enough, the new Charge 5 will also come with six-months of Fitbit Premium, the brand’s premium fitness service. The service also got numerous additions in the announcement and will now include 500+ workouts, mindfulness and nutrition sessions from popular brand-new partners like Calm and LES MILLS, and deeper insights into your holistic wellbeing with the Health Metrics dashboard, Stress Management Score and Sleep Score breakdowns.

Fitbit Releases Exciting Charge 5 Wearable Along With New Features For Premium Service

And just to keep things interesting, Fitbit will be teaming up with Will Smith (Yes that Will Smith) to develop content for Premium, and is described as including “a variety of health and wellness programs that focus on both physical and mental aspects of strength that define better health today”

Fitbit is a brand known for fitness and health, and under Google, this seems to be continuing. The charge looks to be an exciting step forward for people that love tracking their activity, especially after so many people have been inside for so long, it could be a great addition to anyone’s health regime. We at CGMagazine will give the new band a look, but from the looks of it, the company is making the right moves, and giving buyers the information they want.

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