Fortnite Showing Free Movies to Players for the First Time

Fortnite Showing Free Movies to Players for the First Time

Fortnite is finding a new way to keep players comfortable at home as the game will be showing its first free movie on Friday, June 26 2020.

Its own Movie Nite will be kicking off with titles from director Christopher Nolan, and vary based on countries.

Players in Canada would get 2006 magician-thriller film The Prestige, while U.S. players can watch psychological-action heist flick Inception. Some areas including Bangladesh, France and Brazil are able to watch Batman Begins.

Each movie offers their own showtimes and players can share the same matches together to settle in front of a big screen placed in the game. This also means combat is disabled for a true “silence is golden” experience. It’s still not known if Fortnite’s in-game audio chat is available between friends to show off some popcorn-crunching action at home (we won’t judge).

Inception was released in 2010, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief who steals information by going into people’s minds. His latest client reassembles his team as they go into the thoughts of a mysterious businessman with sinister family secrets.

Batman Begins is a 2005 film reboot of the iconic superhero, with Christian Bale starring as Bruce Wayne in his early days becoming the Dark Knight. It’s also the first in a classic trilogy while uninitiated (and lucky) viewers would get to see Wayne go through The League of Shadows, Scarecrow and Liam Neeson.

The Prestige is Nolan’s lesser known films from 2006, but follows the Edison/Tesla type feud between two magicians (played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) who go through deadly lengths to outdo each other. Its tricks, though splendid for audiences, are also created by darker forms of science Fortnite players would get to witness.

Specific movies for each country and their showtimes can be found on the game’s page while a friendly reminder is in place to keep the game updated now and sooner than later. Players simply need to join a game at their designated time and locate the theatre screen to start. Oh, and a low-calorie popcorn and soda are recommended.

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