Hideo Kojima Reveals Vague New Project Teaser

Hideo Kojima Reveals Vague New Project Teaser 'Who Am I?' On Kojima Productions

A week removed from pulling the curtain back on his new Spotify podcast, Hideo Kojima presents Brain Structure, a new teaser has surfaced on the productions’ website.

Hideo Kojima and cryptic messaging are pretty much mutually exclusive at this point, considering the huge amount of teasers and chilling reveals he has made over his tenure as a designer/director in the gaming universe. Promptly after teasing a ‘radical’ new project back in January, and on top of his first podcast episode last week, another teaser loaded with NO information has surfaced on the Kojima Productions website simply asking “Who Am I?” which was initially revealed as a scannable QR code at the TGS 2022.

Hideo Kojima Reveals Vague New Project Teaser 'Who Am I?' On Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima has stated “I wanted to share my thoughts with a global audience and felt that Spotify would be the best home to reach all my fans and friends around the world. It’s an ambitious approach to release every episode in both Japanese and English at the same time, but I look forward to having a good time getting and sharing creative inspiration with listeners from all over the world,” regarding the release of his podcast, but maybe this teaser is a different approach on top of the transparency of his podcast.

Prior to the small teaser, Hideo Kojima has posted a photo of himself on a video conference call with Jordan Peele, the director of most recent film Nope. This of course, coupled with the teaser, set the internet ablaze with theories. After Geoff Keighley posted the teaser on his own Twitter, the comment thread has been grasping at straws to make theories fit, including a potential Kojima & Peele helmed game. Twitter user @paladinmcscoob took the tweeted image and took it a step further, showing that Kojima’s thumbs up positioning makes his shirt read ‘S HILL’ a short moniker for Silent Hill perhaps? Could also just be the word shill, which could define Hideo Kojima’s teaser methods.

Hideo Kojima Reveals Vague New Project Teaser 'Who Am I?' On Kojima Productions

Speculation is all well and good for the time being, but fans are simply at Kojima’s mercy until he announces something with standing.

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