HyperX Drops Limited Edition Naruto: Shippuden Collection Peripherals

HyperX Drops Limited-Edition Naruto: Shippuden Collection Peripherals 1

HyperX’s latest collaboration with Naruto: Shippuden was just announced, dropping a new line of peripherals.

Time to play like a ninja (no not that Ninja) with HyperX’s newest collaboration with Naruto: Shipudden—bringing a whole new, limted edition line for its keyboards, headsets, mice and mouse pads. The designs were inspired by the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki and the iconic Akatsuki member, Itachi Uchiha. Each peripheral piece will be offered with two different colour variants representing the two colours: Naruto’s vibrant orange versus Itachi’s darker red design.

“We are thrilled to bring gamers HyperX’s first anime collaboration as a special crossover of gaming and anime with designs inspired by Naruto: Shippuden,” said HyperX’s Category Manager of gaming keyboards and mice, Jennifer Ishii. “With designs featuring Naruto and Itachi, gamers can proudly display their anime fandom.”

With two iconic ninjas at the helm of these peripherals, performance of them was also at the forefront. The HyperX Alloy Origins mechanical gaming keyboard was built with HyperX switches and all the RGB backlighting in each key for maximum lighting and brightness. The body has been created with an aluminum frame and aircraft-grade finish to last just as long as the hundreds of episodes of the anime and Boruto spin-off.

Hyperx Drops Limited-Edition Naruto: Shippuden Collection Peripherals 2

A ninja’s hearing is vital to survival, so the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset was created to provide gamers the best audio experience as possible. The HyperX Dual Chamber technology promises clearer sound with its 50mm drivers, so users could fine-tune the bass frequencies—offering gamers the ability to hear all their enemies.

Every ninja needs their weapons of choice polished and ready to strike at all times. This is where the HyperX Pulsefire Haste gaming mouse and Pulsefire Mat XL gaming mousepad can be a gamer’s best friend. The Pulsefire Haste will offer gamers a really lightweight feeling as the mouse is only 59 grams.

Being light on one’s feet has always been an essential skill for ninjas of the Hidden Leaf village, but being able to make accurate actions in a fight are even more significant. The Pulsefire Mat XL was crafted with durability and precision tracking in mind—allowing gamers to stay in the fight longer. The combination of the mouse’s low-friction, pure virgin-grade PTFE skates and mousepad’s specialized anti-fray stitching will give gamer’s the ultimate experience, whether they are clicking heads in Fortnite or building a lovely viking home in Valheim.

This limited edition collaboration with HyperX and Naruto: Shippuden will be available to buy on September 21 at 12:00 PM ET (9:00 AM PDT).  

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