Images From New Silent Hill Projects Allegedly Leak

Images From New Silent Hill Projects Allegedly Leak 6

Images from Silent Hill 2 and Playable Concept Sakura have leaked, giving a taste of the new Silent Hill projects currently in the works.

This weekend was an eventful one if you were a Silent Hill fan. Firstly, Twitter user Andrew Marmo, posted images on Twitter that are supposedly a part of an internal pitch demo for a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team. These images are apparently from a pitch from back in 2018, and could look very different now that they are further into development.

The leaks did not stop there though, with new higher quality versions of both Silent Hill 2 and Playable Concept Sakura also appearing on Resetera, with known insider Dusk Golem detailing via Twitter what users should expect, and to not give these a look unless they are not worried about potential spoilers.

As with any leaked images, these should be taken with a grain of salt, as the final games could look vastly different from what these images depict. Also, for anyone worried about spoilers for either upcoming release, it may be worth waiting to look at the images, to ensure not to have beats in the games ruined.

It seems Konami is finally taking Silent Hill seriously, and putting effort to rebuild the trust of the community. With a few projects in the works, there is hope the series will once again bring the scares to fans around the world. With the loss of P.T. and what Silent Hills could have been with Kojima at the helm, fans of the franchise are due for some good news, and hopefully the new projects are just a sign of good things to come.

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