Invader Zim Will Invade Again

| Feb 20, 2015
Invader Zim Will Invade Again

After more than a decade, Invader Zim will be invading Earth once more this summer, so guard your tacos.

July 1st 2015 will see the release of a new Invader Zim comic series. Published by Oni Press, the series will be a collaborative effort between Nickelodeon and series creator Jhonen Vasquez. The series will follow Irken soldier Zim and more of his adventure with his robot disguised as a dog, GIR on Earth.

This will not be the first time Jhonen Vasquez has dealt with comics. His first comic series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and its spin off series, Squee! have been cult classics for years.

I personally love Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee! and even though Zim has never been my favourite, I am interested in seeing if Jhonen can push the envelop a little more in a comic series than he could on television.

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