Latest Titans Comic Brings New Adventures

| Jan 17, 2017
Latest Titans Comic Brings New Adventures

Brand new backstory and lore is always needed when a comic universe is rebooted, and DC clearly recognizes that. With the DC Universe: Rebirth initiated, Titans #7 explores some rather interesting tales for Superman, the Flash, and Donna Troy. Spoilers follow.

As CBR reports, Wally West and Clark Kent have a meeting in Titans #7, referencing DC Rebirth while hearkening back to the classic Superman v. Flash storylines popular during mid-20th century. With the third Flash and Superman together, the key here is that Wally West meets with pre-Flashpoint Superman, having fallen into a new universe from a time stream. The two quickly recognize each other and remember one another. Expect a close relationship between Wally West and Clark Kent as the Justice League experiences friction between the League and Superman.

Meanwhile, Donna Troy appears in Titans #7, dropped into the world as well. Troy’s story is complicated at the moment, and while writer Dan Abnett notes that Troy has the power of the Fates, it seems she’s just as lost as Kid Flash in the brand new universe.

It seems Abnett is taking the opportunity to further flesh out Troy, too. According to Titans #7, Donna Troy was an orphan girl raised by the Amazons, which means there’s a rich origin story behind her appearance within the world. How her storyline will intersect with West’s and Kent’s remains unclear. But with Titans Tower now moved to New York, too, there’s plenty of opportunities for interesting conflicts and stories as the series continues.

Titans #7 is available now, listed at $2.99 USD. It can be bought on the official DC Comics website. In the meantime, check back as more news is announced for Titans #8, as well as other information about changes to the DC Universe over the coming year ahead. There’s sure to be plenty of interesting changes for fans.

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