The Long Dark Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

| October 15, 2013
The Long Dark Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal 2

Yesterday evening, The Long Dark reached its Kickstarter goal of $200,000.

A survival game,the title revolves around exploration and staying alive in the wilderness. Enemies such as wolves and bears will test your capabilities, not to mention the freezing cold winter.

The Long Dark is developed by Hinterland Games, a Vancouver-based studio, and has also reached its first stretch goal of $225,000 today, adding a graphic novel to the mix.

The game still has a little under a day left till its Kickstarter ends. The next stretch goal is an extended game soundtrack. The Escapist also announced that David Hayter, the former voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake, is cast in the game.

The Long Dark will be released on PC sometime around October 2014. You can donate to the Kickstarter here. CGMagazine also interviewed Raphael van Lierop a few weeks ago about the project.

Source: Escapist

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