An Epic Team Up Of Magic: The Gathering And Post Malone Is On The Way

An Epic Team Up Of Magic: The Gathering And Post Malone Is On The Way

As far as partnerships in the gaming industry go, a Magic: The Gathering and Post Malone tag team can be exciting for all Wizards of the Coast fans.

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has had many crossovers this year, with Stranger Things and Riot Games the long-lasting trading card game has retained popularity with many fan bases. Now, it’s transitioning into music.

The global play program titled Friday Night Magic (FNM) will launch a partnership between Post Malone and MTG that is sure to be one for the ages. FNM is an event that aims to get more MTG players together at their local stores while promoting the wondrous MTG culture and community.

An Epic Team Up Of Magic: The Gathering And Post Malone Is On The Way

With a huge year under its belt, MTG gears up for the FNM event with much wind in its sails that is celebrated by thousands of stores worldwide. MTG’s return to the storefront has been long-awaited, and more collaborations are assuredly on the way for 2022. The best part about this mash-up is that Post Malone is a huge MTG fan himself, so there is a depth of knowledge with this collaboration. It is easy to see why Post Malone and Magic The Gathering are doing so much, when he is such a big fan of the game.

Head of Franchise Marketing for Wizards of the Coast, Nathan Stewart said, “You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of Magic: The Gathering than Post Malone,” including “As a fan for years, he knows just how much Friday Night Magic means to players. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Posty in ways that will allow his signature style, talent, and love of the game to combine in ways fans will never forget.”

Post Malone stated “I’m obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. This is really a dream come true,” regarding the team up, with “We’ll be doing some cool stuff, so keep an eye out.” Although details regarding the collaboration are sparse at the moment, we will assuredly hear more when FNM kicks off.

To stay in the loop with Wizards of the Coast’s exciting announcements, fans can flock to Twitter to follow their official account for all things magic.

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