MapleStory Celebrates Eight Years with Update

MapleStory Celebrates Eight Years with Update - 2015-04-17 10:54:41

It’s kind of hard to believe MapleStory is celebrating its eighth anniversary. Yea, the free to play MMORPG that captured the hearts of a generation has actually stuck around for that long. While it might not seem like a big deal, developer Nexon will release some new content.

There will be over 30 new quests and a sweet story line with a new boss to battle. The new plot consists of two of Mu Gong’s students who go rogue and create rivaling factions. Sounds badass! Players can choose to align with Gold Dragon or Red Tiger and grow the dojo running errands for villagers and stuff. Not exactly what I was expecting but still cool regardless. Along with that, there will be adjustments to Hayto and Kanna. Nexon isn’t really saying what will change, but it’s an upgrade for battles.

“We’re always looking to make improvements and providing the community with more enjoyable experiences,” says Project Manager at Nexon Europe Ronald Schakenraad. “Whether that’s with more content updates or events, it’s something we strive to give back to the dedicated players who have made MapleStory what it is today.”

To continue the celebration, Nexon says Maplers can visit Orange Park on Kingsday to take down a rebel and pick up some extra quests. Players can also visit the four countries of MapleStory each with specific horoscopes and quests.

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