Marvel’s Avengers Releases New Expansion Introducing Black Panther

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Marvel’s Avengers brings together the mightiest superheroes to team up against villains, a free expansion launching today allows fans to explore Wakanda.

With the release of Marvel’s Avengers’ new expansion, Crystal Dynamics gives players all the excuses to suit up and join the Avengers, or return for more.

The release of the base game in 2020 saw fans delighted with the teasers and action that Marvel’s Avengers promised to deliver. However, the title came to a symphony of mixed reviews, with most early adopters’ main complaint being the lack of adequate end game material.

Fast forward to today, where Crystal Dynamics has a few tricks that remain up its proverbial sleeve to entice players to return to their world of Marvel, with an all-new expansion that gives fans what they’ve been clamouring for. The release of Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda launches today and brings this foray into the Marvel universe back for what happens after the end game.

This expansion to the core game comes absolutely FREE to all owners of the base game, giving true incentive to strap on boots and lift your hammer for another ride. For those who haven’t delved into the other DLC releases, this expansion brings Operation: Kate Bishop—Taking AIM and Operation: Hawkeye—Future Imperfect, with it.

War for Wakanda allows fans access to the king, T’Challa/Black Panther as a fully playable character, bringing the acting chops of Christopher Judge, raising the playable hero tally to nine total characters. With new campaign missions for solo and multiplayer fans, War for Wakanda sees Black Panther villains Klaw (Steve Blum) and Crossbones join the fray with an added layer of authenticity for fans. Rise of the Black Panther author Evan Narcisse joined the team as a narrative consultant, and award-winning 2018 film Black Panther‘s Dialect Coach, Beth McGuire, lends her talents to the expansion as well.

Featuring new end-game content, notable improvements to matchmaking systems and AI responsiveness, new nostalgia-inducing character costumes, and improved clarity to the mission details on the War Table, Crystal Dynamics listened to fans and implemented updates with feedback in mind.

Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda is out today—for free—for all who already own Marvel’s Avengers. For those looking to make their first journey into this adventure, the Xbox Store, and the Playstation Store have the game’s base price of $39.99. Other physical online retailers have a more competitive price though, to get more bang for your buck.

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