Mattel x Minecraft Collab: New Elderwood DLC Map And Toy Line

Mattel x Minecraft Collab: New Elderwood DLC Map And Toy Line 1

The toy company Mattel and Mojang’s Minecraft announced their partnership today with a trailer, bringing a new game map DLC and toy lineup.

The two companies have announced a new collaboration, involving Minecraft and Mattel. They have unveiled the new Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC, which will introduce brand-new characters and an immersive camp experience at Camp Enderwood. Along with the DLC, Mattel has curated a special toy line that will feature the new characters, stories, environments, and accessories from the DLC map. A trailer offered a taste of what this camp experience will entail.

The new DLC map was carefully created by Mattel, Minecraft, and Cyclone Designs, with unique mini-games to allow players to have an immersive camp experience. If you have been to camp IRL, you will love this digital version of it. The trailer showed off what camp activities visitors of Camp Enderwood will be able to take part in such as arts and crafts, horseback riding, trampolining, marshmallow roasting, and even the self-named “Glamper Scavenger Hunt.”

The Global Head of Action Figures at Mattel, PJ Lewis shared their insights on the collaboration, “Mattel is committed to providing fans of our iconic brands with new channels to experience their favorite
characters and storylines. In partnership with Minecraft, we are thrilled to bridge new connections between the physical and digital worlds. Camp Enderwood is the place where those scary campfire stories are true, and we cannot wait to share it with Minecraft fans.”

Mattel X Minecraft Collab: New Elderwood Dlc Map And Toy Line 3

While the camp contains a lot of fun things to do, it will also have some spooky surprises waiting around the corner. Everyone loves a good camp ghost story, whether in-game or in-person! To bring the game to life, Mattel has brought the game to life with action figure packs that come with exclusive in-game items, which can be accessed through unique codes in each pack.

Some of the new and returning characters included Top Athlete, Camp Rockstar, Glamper, Star Child, Gamer, Ska Kid, Craft Lady, Avid Adventurer, Moth Creature, Sunken Spirit, and the Yeti. The two companies were proud to announce that half of the Camp Elderwood cast would be out in toy form by Spring 2023, and the rest by Summer.

“We are proud to partner with Mattel on bringing Camp Enderwood to life,” said Director of Minecraft Consumer Products, Federico San Martin. “Minecraft is focused on bringing our community thoughtful
experiences through fun and engaging activities in new and exciting ways. We believe the unique and
vibrant cast of characters within the toy line and DLC reflects the diverse and inclusive community of

Mattel X Minecraft Collab: New Elderwood Dlc Map And Toy Line 2

Both companies hope this would help celebrate the awesome Minecraft community by giving fans something to enjoy both digitally and physically. The figure selections were said to be specifically chosen to represent a variety of costume styles, skin tones, and gender expressions—reinforcing the diversity and inclusion already present in the Minecraft community.

The key takeaway was that they wanted Minecraft fans to have the most options for self-expression in both mediums. The accessory pieces were said to be interchangeable between the Camp Enderwood figurines, and are also available for free digitally in the Minecraft Character Creator.

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