More Ubisoft Staff Resign Amid Allegations

| Jul 6, 2020
More Ubisoft Staff Resign Amid Allegations

Ubisoft has dismissed a number of staff accused of harassment and sexual misconduct following the company’s launch of an investigation in late June 2020.

A statement to Games Industry revealed the resignations include higher level staff, including editorial VP Maxime Béland who was accused of multiple abuse allegations. Ubisoft’s VP of creative services Tommy François was also recently put on an administrative leave as the company conducted its investigation.

“Despite his resignation, we continue to investigate the allegations made against him,” the studio wrote, adding François was put on a “disciplinary leave”.

An unidentified staff from Toronto also left the company, citing “behaviors that do not align with what is expected of Ubisoft employees.” They are also among a few employees worldwide who are subject to an investigation, following hundreds of sexual assault and abuse allegations that began last month.

Since then, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot posted a company-wide letter outlining the changes being made to reform their workplace culture. He also disclosed appointing a Head of Workplace Culture and Head of Diversity while giving staff opportunities to share their stories.

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