Nacon Accused of Breaching Contract with Frogwares Again

Nacon Accused of Breaching Contract with Frogwares Again 1

Frogwares has discovered that Nacon has released yet another pirated version of The Sinking City today. This comes after the company breached their contract with Frogwares last week by releasing the game to Steam, ultimately breaking the law. I covered the story after fans complained they had been downloading the game only to find it was an older, outdated copy of The Sinking City

The developers had archived the game with an Epic Unreal Engine encryption system, meaning Nacon had to hack it using a key created by Frogwares themselves, at this point the hacking is considered pirating or counterfeiting. Frogwares released how Nacon did it all in more detail on their official site, including information that they’ve identified who was behind it and that they were acting on behalf of Nacon under the management of its president Alain Falc.

The post continues on to state that the latest Steam version of the game was analyzed by Frogwares. They noticed many similarities to their 2020 release of the game, including folder names and a matching package size of 17gb. They found other files with similar names but of a different size implying that Nacon had altered some files. It also appears Nacon released The Sinking City after removing the Gamesplanet logo — an official Frogwares licensee — and replacing it with its own as well as removing some advertising and distribution information. 

Nacon is a video game company worth millions and people are speculating many more lawsuits in their future after their allegedly blatant breach of contract this week. Frogwares is holding nothing back on their end, making sure fans know exactly what happened. They want to ensure they remain a beloved game. Even after the current drama many players still seem to want to see the company succeed, making other buyers aware of what they can watch out for in the future.

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