New Details Emerge For The Witcher Film Adaptation

New Details Emerge For The Witcher Film Adaptation

The untitled film based on The Witcher franchise has officially received a production studio as well as a director.

Tomek Basinkski, director of the Oscar-nominated short film “The Cathedral” is set to direct the film with the production company, Sean Daniel Company; known for The Mummy, a new adaptation of Ben-Hur, and is currently in production of the television show The Expanse. The two will be partnering with Platige Films in order to create the film based on the novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski.

While details are still sparse, it is known that the film will draw themes from short stories The Witcher, Lesser Evil and The Last Wish. While the directing choice is a unique one, you need only watch “The Cathedral” to see that Basinkski’s style lends itself perfectly to a Witcher universe. Within it, he not only creates a scene that is hauntingly beautiful, but also shows off an expert knowledge of scope, which are exactly the kinds of things needed to create the Witcher’s world.

While many are excited for the film, claiming the next couple of years are seeing quite an influx of videogame movies, it’s easy to forget that this is a movie based on a book, most likely riding the hype wave of the game. However, being a pretty big fan of the Witcher (although admittedly my only entry into the franchise has been Wild Hunt) I’m excited to see Geralt’s adventures in a dark, bleak, and unforgiving world brought to life by a director who seems competent in creating it.

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