Panda Announces Super Smash Bros. North America Circuit in 2022

| November 18, 2021
Panda Announces Super Smash Bros. North America Circuit in 2022

A premiere eSports team, Panda, and Nintendo of America have teamed up for events in 2022 featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Melee.

Panda is an esports brand known for its emphasis on solo play at a championship level. With the ability to incorporate brands, and a goal of diversity, this is the perfect opportunity for the Smash Bros. community to get back on its feet.

Panda Announces Super Smash Bros. North America Circuit In 2022 1

In a series of tweets between the new dynamic duo, the two companies verified accounts have broken the news that there will be events on the Smash Bros circuit as early as next year. With the new partnership’s commitment to innovation, and Smash Bros. ability to appeal to a large audience this is an ideal partnership.

Who could have known that the latest arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would’ve been such a prestigious organization? Senior Director of Product Marketing at Nintendo of America, Bill Trinen said “This partnership with Panda Global is the next step in Nintendo’s efforts to create a more consistent, fun and welcoming competitive environment for our players and fans,” including “We are proud to stand with an organization like Panda Global to celebrate and support the ever-growing competitive Super Smash Bros. community, and create a space where all players can test and hone their competitive skills.”

CEO of Panda Global, Dr. Alan Bunney said, “One of our key missions at Panda Global is to serve our various grassroots communities in new and exciting ways,” with “By partnering with Nintendo, we are giving our competitors the chance to compete in an officially licensed Super Smash Bros. circuit for the first time.”

This exciting announcement can be seen on the esports company’s website for all the incredible details.

Fans can keep up with the news by following the Panda Twitter page.

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