Tokyo RPG Factory Reviving Classic JRPG Formula

| March 14, 2016
Tokyo RPG Factory Reviving Classic JRPG Formula

At this year’s GDC one of Square Enix Holdings new studios, Tokyo RPG Factory was on hand to show off their debut title, I am Setsuna

Led by Atsushi Hashimoto Tokyo RPG Factory is aiming to bring back the narrative depth, deep story and character development seen in the golden era of JRPG’s while modernizing them for the latest generation of platforms.

Little is known about what I am Setsuna will involve but according to the press release, it will include “a battle system inspired by the classic hit Chrono Trigger” and goes on to say that it willbrings back authentic RPG gameplay, beautiful art design and a sorrowful story to the new generation.”

I am Setsuna is slated for a Summer release on PS4 and Steam, and you can have a look at the official website here.

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