Razer Announces the Razer Base Station Chroma

Razer Announces the Razer Base Station Chroma

Razer has just announced the Razer Base Station Chroma, a headset-stand with added USB ports and Razer’s signature Chroma lighting LEDs.

Razer is known for their diverse range of high quality PC gaming accessories and the Razer Base Station Chroma seems to be no exception. The device will give consumers a place to rest their headphones when not in use, and the stand also includes three USB 3.0 ports—which effectively make it a USB hub. The Base Station wouldn’t be true Razer product if it didn’t also feature their renowned Chroma LED lighting technology, which accentuates and transforms the headset stand to the next level.

The headphone-stand is sleek and employs a minimalist aesthetic that should blend right into an average setup—especially for those who already own Razer products. The three USB 3.0 ports—which are located on the side of the device—are hidden from the front, making it a nice and discreet addition that should provide users with a few extra ports for charging or connecting their other devices if desired.

The Razer Base Station Chroma has been designed to effortlessly fit into Razer’s eco-system of Chroma devices, which ultimately translates to the consumer having the perfect headset-stand that will not only add a convenient place for their headphones, freeing up clutter, but also giving those who already have Razer products something that fits into their gaming and/or workstation setups.

The Base Station comes off the heels of the just announced Razer Chroma Development Kit, A high-end LED lighting system that allows consumers to deck out their workstation or gaming setups with an assortment of LEDs that utilize Razer’s Chroma software, which when paired with the headset base station will sure add some extra flair to any setup.

Razer’s Base Station Chroma will be out August 10, 2017, currently there is no price set for the headset-stand at this time. Those interested in the product can visit the official Razer site to find out more.

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