Resident Evil 4 Remake Getting VR Mode As Free DLC Sometime Post-Launch

Even More Zombies In Your Face

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The upcoming Capcom release of Resident Evil 4 Remake will be receiving a free DLC post-launch with a VR mode for PlayStation 5’s PSVR 2 now in the works, with no launch date announced at this time.

Resident Evil 4 is getting a full remake of its original 2005 release, following suit with prior remakes from Capcom, with a newly-announced free DLC coming in the form of a VR mode, much like the Oculus version the recently re-released Resident Evil 4 received for last-generation consoles.

While Capcom has seen a ton of success remaking their famous Resident Evil series, this free VR mode for PlayStation 5’s PSVR 2 figures to be a pleasant cherry on top for fans who plan to purchase Resident Evil 4 for the millionth time. While those purchases have all been well-deserved, it’s good on Capcom for not releasing it as a stand-alone product as they did with the Oculus version released in October 2021.

Here is the game’s description from Capcom’s company website, which details a bit of what differences and upgrades expect from the Resident Evil 4 Remake, releasing on March 24th, 2023:

Reimagined for 2023 to bring state-of-the-art survival horror, Resident Evil 4 Remake preserves the essence of the original game, while introducing modernized gameplay, a reimagined storyline, and vividly detailed graphics to make this the latest survival horror game where life and death, terror, and catharsis intersect.

Resident Evil 4 (Vr) Resident Evil 4 Remake Getting Vr Mode As Free Dlc Sometime Post-Launch
Resident Evil 4 (Oculus VR)

Resident Evil Village also received a free VR update today to coincide with the launch of the PlayStation VR 2. For those looking to jump into the Resident Evil world now, that should suffice for now, as the announcement of this VR mode just being announced probably means it’ll be some time before we actually see it in action.

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