Return to Monkey Island Tease Overdue Sequel Slated for 2022

Return to Monkey Island Teases Sequel With Original Director 1

Return to Monkey Island will be a sequel to its popular Monkey Island predecessor, and it is expected to be released this year.

Today, Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games are proud to announce their teaser trailer for an upcoming sequel titled Return to Monkey Island. The game is expected to take place after the first two games, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. The best part revealed was that the original writer and director, Ron Gilbert, would be returning to work on the game. They are also bringing back the original co-writer, Dave Grossman, and LucasArts composers Michael Land, Michael McConnell and Clint Bajakian.

The small trailer did not reveal much and even contained a quick joke from one of the characters that said, “Ron Gilbert told me he’d never make another Monkey Island, unless…” While the original games were released in the 90s, Gilbert tweeted that his development studio, Terrible Toybox, had been working on the game for two years “in complete secrecy.”

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There were no plot or character details revealed from the teaser or information released as yet. However, a 2013 blog post from Gilbert was found to set up a new game to add to the series. An excerpt from the blog read that the new Monkey Island game could be “a retro game that hearkened back to Monkey Island 1 and 2.” Another idea he had was “a hardcore adventure game” that had no tutorials, hint systems, “pansy-assed puzzles or catering to the mass-market or modernizing.” It sounded like he wanted to make a Dark Souls game combined with Return to Monkey Island.  

Return to Monkey Island would be one of the many projects Disney’s Lucasfilm Games will be reviving from its classic games like Indiana Jones and the many Star Wars projects expected to be released in the coming years. A fun fact for Sea of Thieves fans who may have not seen the Monkey Island Easter egg in the game; you can go find it now, since it was added in the Pirates of the Caribbean update.

Return To Monkey Island Tease Overdue Sequel Slated For 2022

Hint: Check out the first Tall Tale, “A Pirate’s Life” and take a closer look at the old shipwreck named The Headless Monkey. There may even be some great secrets involving the iconic characters from the Monkey Island games like the infamous Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck. Not much else is known but fans can check out the lovely landing page for Return to Monkey Island that has the trailer and would hopefully be updated as more details are released, along with a release date.

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