Rogers Will Offer A Credit To Customers After Nationwide Outage

Rogers Will Offer A Credit To Costumers After Nationwide Outage 1

Millions of Canadians spent several hours on Monday without service, and now Rogers will be giving a credit to all customers in a future billing.

With the new work from home standard many Canadians are currently experiencing, it would seem the last thing we’d need would be an outage of a major cellular service. However, that is precisely what took place early this week on Monday morning, when Rogers cellular, text, and voice calling services were down across the country.

According to Rogers, the service interruption came from a recent update from one of its partners, Ericsson, though the root of the cause within the update is still currently being investigated. While I’m sure a few enjoyed an early Monday break from work, many Canadians expressed their frustration regarding the outage which left them unable to work, and left one particular Canadian almost stranded without the ability to use their GPS.

The credit will be equivalent to Monday’s service fees, and will be applied to a future bill, and will require no action on the part of the customer.

The outage lasted for most of the day, as it took Rogers several hours to slowly bring service back to different parts of the country at a time. Throughout the outage, Rogers took to Twitter to communicate updates as to when it would be back up and running, and later yesterday announced the credit that customers will now be receiving in a tweet here:

Rogers also issued a full statement and apology on their official website here, which also includes an FAQ for customers.

It’s never a good time to lose service, even just for a few minutes – but it is especially troublesome during a time where we all depend on these services so much more. Hopefully as the Canadian vaccination rollout continues, we will be able to return to a little less dependency on needing to stay connected online.

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