Sonos Announces New Privacy First Voice Control For Voice Enabled Speakers

Sonos Annouce New Privacy First Voice Control For Voice Enabled Speakers

The new voice control system from Sonos promises privacy first, and responsive, accurate hands-free control of your music and the Sonos system, featuring the voice of Giancarlo Esposito.

Voice control is nothing new, with Alexa and Google Assistant dominating the market. But Sonos is looking to do things a little differently. With privacy at its core, Sonos Voice Control is looking to bring on-device control to your music and Sonos experience, delivering a very responsive, easy to use assistant that is ready to deliver the music and control you love, without sacrificing your personal data in the process.

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“Sonos is committed to delivering new experiences that effortlessly connect listeners to the content they
love.” said Vice President, Voice Experience, Sonos, Joseph Dureau, “One of the most natural ways to connect to your music is with your voice, but when we speak to our customers, we hear that many of them have concerns about privacy and are dissatisfied with the accuracy, speed and ease of use of existing voice services. Sonos Voice Control delivers the experience our customers want without compromise – one that puts speed, accuracy and privacy on an equal footing.”

Launching as a free update to all Sonos enabled devices, Sonos Voice Control is poised to make controlling your voice enabled devices easy, and fun, with control that actually works the way you need it too, even when on Bluetooth. Launching with support for Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora, the service makes controlling your music playback easy with the simple key phrase “Hey Sonos”. Sonos Voice Control was built from the ground up for quick access to the commands you use most, so you can get to listening and not focusing on the many things the assistant will try and do.

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To compliment the new assistant with a voice that fits the smooth audio experience you expect from Sonos, they have enlisted the help of Giancarlo Esposito to bring the service to life. Sonos Voice Control is made to feel natural when talking to it, with simple commands like “turn it up” or “next song” to make the experience feel much more conversational and less robotic. That combined with the talents of award-winning actor Giancarlo Esposito—best known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian—and the Sonos Voice Control feels a cut above from other options on the market.

Sonos Voice Control is available in the US starting June 1 and in France later this year, with additional
markets to follow. No word on Canadian availability at this time.

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