Spider-Man 2 Described as Darker Empire Strikes Back-style sequel

| September 29, 2021
Spider-Man 2 Described as Darker Empire Strikes Back-style sequel

Insomniac’s upcoming sequel to Spider-Man (2018), Spider-Man 2 has been described as darker follow-up, according to Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann.

During an interview segment on the most recent episode of This Week In Marvel podcast, Rosemann gives a small idea of what fans can expect from Insomniac’s upcoming Marvel projects. Starting off with Spider-Man 2, Rosemann doesn’t give any plot specifics or anything major but does go a bit into the tone Insomniac Games is going for in the PS5 exclusive game, Spider-Man 2 which is releasing sometime in 2023.

“If the first Spider-Man game was Star Wars, Spider-Man 2 is kind of our Empire,” Rosemann said. “It gets a little darker.”

It’s not like the original 2018 game was a light-hearted game the whole way through as major characters like Peter Parker and Miles Morales dealt with the death of characters at certain points in the story. Going into Spider-Man 2, it looks like Peter and Miles are back and are teaming up to take on Venom, Kraven the Hunter also might play a role in the game as he was narrating the trailer in the most recent PlayStation Showcase from earlier this month.

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It may seem a little weird to say but Insomniac, the developer of kid-friendly games like the multiple entries in the Ratchet & Clank series has shown they can tell darker stories. Insomniac Games did develop the Resistance Trilogy which shows that the dstudio can take their storytelling to a darker level.

Rosemann didn’t just talk about New York City’s friendly neighbourhood web-slinger but added a little about Insomniac’s other Marvel game, Wolverine.

“We will eventually reveal when Wolverine is aimed to launch,” Rosemann continued. “For more, go back and study those trailers – they are packed with details and Easter eggs.”

The original trailer is pretty short but some of the easter eggs fans have noticed include a cash register displaying “Register Mode 19.74” which is likely a reference to Wolverine’s first appearance in the Incredible Hulk #181. Speaking of which you can also see an easter egg to that very same comic book issue as a number plate for ‘HLK 181’ can be seen on the wall above the bar.

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While speculation, those two easter eggs in the trailer could be hinting at Wolverine’s infamous face-off with Bruce Banner’s alter ego, the Hulk. It could be something we see in the Wolverine game but that remains to be seen or not.

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