Stadia Player Who Feared Losing 6000 Red Dead Online Hours is Saved by Rockstar

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After facing the loss of over 6,000 Stadia hours in Red Dead Redemption 2, streamer Colour, gives fans hope, as Rockstar will be transferring over some players’ progress.

Colour was looking at losing up to 6,000 hours of logged playtime on Red Dead Online, and he set about trying to save his playtime by messaging Rockstar directly to try and figure out a way to save all his painstaking hours of gameplay. Surprisingly, Rockstar answered his message and deemed his followers worthy of learning the information he was given.

Any players who have logged hours within 30 days of Red Dead Online prior to Google announcing the Stadia shutdown will be able to take their currency and progression on Red Dead 2 and transfer it to another platform. These platforms include PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

For anyone who isn’t aware of Stadia, it is a cloud gaming service provided by Google. Last month, Google announced that they would be shutting down the service which will remain live until January 2023. The upside of this shutdown is that Google will be refunding all Stadia hardware bought through the Google Store and any through Stadia Store.

Stadia housed a few exclusive titles that users fear losing altogether. These include Hello Engineer, PixelJunk Raiders, Outcasters, PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle, and GYLT according to Kotaku. Not only will players lose these games, but many will lose progress in other titles played on Stadia.

This sign of good faith had players feeling a tiny bit better about their loss of cloud gaming service. They were still upset about the fact their currency and progression in Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online would be lost until Colour made some noise regarding this oversight.

Any information about the transfers has not been released, but as of right now, the players of Red Dead Redemption are much happier since learning about the Stadia shutdown.

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