Steam Friendship Games Week Sale Is Here In Time For Valentine’s Day

valentines day provides steam users friendship games week big sales on co op for the holiday 23021402 2

Valentine’s Day is here, and with the loving holiday comes solid Steam sales that offer titles for a fraction of their original cost on Steam, they call it “Friendship Games Week.”

Friendship Games Week is here on Valentine’s Day 2023, and for it, Steam has placed many games on sale, so couples and friends have less of a reason to leave the house. Last week in preparation for the holiday, Steam listed Two Point Campus as a freebie. This week there are still other deals for couples to snag, and Steam has the big sales listed all week under the Friendship Games Week banner.

Steam describes the sale as “a celebration of couch co-op, local multiplayer, and split-screen gaming! In the name of friendship, love, and family bonds, you are yet again summoned to plug the game controllers in, find a good seat, and play video games together!” with “We collected and curated a merry bunch of indie titles for PC that can be played by 2 or more players on the same machine” on the sale page for Valentine’s Day. It’s worth noting these sales are available until Feb 19.

Notable Valentine’s Day Friendship Games Week List

Valentines Day Provides Steam Users Friendship Games Week Big Sales On Co Op For The Holiday 23021402
  • Untitled Goose Game for $9.99
  • Broforce for $2.99
  • Human Fall Flat for $7.49
  • Gang Beasts for $7.99
  • For The King for $7.79, also available on Xbox Games With Gold for FREE
  • Mount Your Friends for $1.74
  • and more!

While Steam does have a Friendship Games Week individual site that has more titles listed, other MMO gaming platforms are also celebrating Valentine’s Day in different ways. Final Fantasy XIV is allowing adventurers to claim Valentine’s gear in Eorzea, World of Warcraft has unleashed a ‘Love is in the Air‘ event running until Feb 20 that allows players to earn Love Tokens to warmly embrace some new gear as well, along with new featured mounts such as the Swift Lovebird seen below.

Steam Friendship Games Week Co Op Games Sale Is Here To Bring Relationship Fights 23021402

It’s also worth mentioning PS5 finally got a port of Boyfriend Dungeon for the holiday as well, so PS5 owners who have yet to experience the dating sim/dungeon-crawling hybrid can do so now! Whether choosing to stay inside or not on Valentine’s day, gaming stays a consistent Valentine each year. Fans looking for more Valentine’s Day co-op games can swing over to our lists of Valentine’s Day recommendations for more ideas.

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