Indie Publisher Super.Com Celebrate Third Anniversary

Indie Publisher Super.Com Celebrate Third Anniversary

Indie publisher is celebrating its third anniversary today, November 13. The publisher has been helping indie developers bring their games to light for three years now, as highlighted in an anniversary press release.

Super has published quite a few different indie games at this point, including Raji: An Ancient Epic from Nodding Heads Games, Wonhon from Busan Sanai Games, and Alchemist Adventure from Bad Minions. Raji, in particular, was the first console game ever developed by an indie studio in India. A press release from Super states,

“The company has a proven track record of shining a light on deserving projects, offering financial support, business acumen, and a transparent and honest approach that brings a level of collaboration not commonly found in the typical publisher-developer relationship. has built its house on a foundation of values that remain at the forefront three years in, and nothing is more important to the company than getting deserving studios the resources they need to find success.”

Outside of typical game development, Super has also invested in Mars Vision, an application that strives to make video games more accessible for the visually impaired.

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The program tracks gameplay in real-time to help players navigate a virtual space, and it currently works with games like World of Warcraft, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Grand Theft Auto V. Here’s more about the system from its official website:

“The potential of the Mars Vision tool has been growing on a daily basis for the last two years. Thanks to neural network technology, we now have an opportunity to make something more than just a tool. Mars Vision can actually recognize and react to objects in real time — not just static images, but a genuine “stream” of events filmed by a smartphone camera or recorded from a monitor.”

You can see more information about the publisher at On the site, anyone can submit their project for consideration via a prominent button on the main page.

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