The Adam Project’s Big Teaser Trailer Released Today Featuring Ryan Reynolds And Time Travel

The Adam Project's Big Teaser Trailer Released Today Featuring Ryan Reynolds And Time Travel

Netflix’s new original Sci-Fi movie, The Adam Project showcased a new trailer today that showcased a storyline based around time travel and spaceships.

It’s hard to explain exactly what is going on in the new Netflix teaser trailer for The Adam Project, but it definitely involves time travel, a protagonist meeting their younger self, and Mark Ruffalo the dad to both Adams.

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The trailer starts off with a melancholy goodbye to the father of the young protagonist, with Jennifer Gardner telling the younger of two Adams that she “misses him too.” This is when the trailer dives into the absurdness of time travel, and the classic Ryan Reynolds sarcasm that’s prevalent in all of his films when he dejectedly says “or, ya know, fall down and scream,” when the younger Adam (Walker Scobell) finds his older self sitting bloodied in his father’s garage.

The Adam Project'S Big Teaser Trailer Released Today Featuring Ryan Reynolds And Time Travel

The Adam Project is seemingly based on the premise of one Adam going back in time to meet his younger self in order to “put the genie back in the bottle,” which could definitely refer to the idea that his mission is to stop humanity from being able to time travel in the first place. Oh, also there are some Sci-Fi looking enemies that look like they are distant relatives of Battlestar Galactica‘s antagonistic Cylons, and blasters that disintegrate things, basically Sci-Fi genre staples.

With Netflix jumping into their ‘original movies’ in 2022 with both feet, novel ideas like The Adam Project will certainly be in the mix, along with the anime gravity-based Bubble, the sequel Knives Out 2, and the still cryptically announced Slumberland.

Although the trailer for The Adam Project doesn’t reveal a whole lot, that might be for the best, as Sci-Fi fans can get all of the details rather soon with an ‘around the corner’ release date. The Adam Project releases on Netflix only on March 11.

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