HBO’s The Last Of Us Leaked Images Give Fans a First Look at Sam and Henry

| March 24, 2022
The Last Of Us HBO TV Show Leaked Images Show Off a First Look at Sam and Henry

HBO’s The Last of Us still seems so far away, but fans of the PlayStation exclusive have gotten leaked glimpses of the show. Through leaked images, we got our first look at Sam and Henry, who were originally featured early in the game.

Unlike past leaked images, which were out of focus and at times blurry, this time around the latest photos and behind the scenes video are looking pretty clear, giving fans a taste of what they can expect. The first image shows the actors playing the two brothers which aren’t known at this point, neither HBO nor PlayStation Productions has officially announced who they’ve cast as the duo in The Last of Us TV show. The leaked images also show Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie in warmer clothing, which the original poster notes that Ramsey’s attire is Ellie’s winter outfit from later in the game.

That little tidbit is already teasing the little differences in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. One reason why they may have gone with this choice is that the show is shooting in Calgary, Alberta which is a much colder in the winter months than the other Canadian provinces, but it’s probably getting warmer for the actors as we slowly begin to approach spring weather. In addition to the images, we got video footage of the four characters looking to take shelter in a building by crossing the Calgary road.

HBO has stated that its The Last of Us series isn’t likely to release this year and should premiere sometime in 2023 which Neil Druckmann has a bigger role in. When that time comes we’ll see or not if Sam and Henry will face the same fate as they do in the almost 9-year-old game. It remains to be seen if more Last of Us content is coming this year as a PS5 remake of the original game and a director’s cut of The Last of Us Part II is rumoured to release in 2022, both of which have not been officially announced by Sony.

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