What to Expect in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, New Sniper Revealed

What to Expect in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, New Sniper Revealed 1

Call of Duty Mobile leaks and teases have shown what players can expect in the next season, from added characters to skins, weapons and maps.

In the past few days, Call of Duty Mobile announcements and leaks have painted a detailed picture of future plans from the Activision team, especially with their plans to launch a Warzone mobile spin-off game as well. The latest teaser picture for the game revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s beloved Koshka sniper is expected to be available in Season 4 for the mobile game.

Along with the newest sniper reveal, the new characters expected to join the roster and get their boots on the ground in Call of Duty Mobile were leaked, and the map updates are expected to bring a more “modern warfare” take to the mobile game (excuse the bad pun). The Koshka has been asked to be added by fans and was known to be great for its one-shot uniqueness that required sniper players to really aim better.

The attachments were also dynamic, especially since it was the only sniper in the game to be able to have a laser sight attachment. This made it great for many awesome no-scope action that generated lots of hype in competitive. This meant no-scoping in a Call of Duty game was actually part of the meta, and now it will be coming to Call of Duty Mobile.

As for the leaks, the following list of characters are expected to drop in Season 4, but this may change depending on the Activision team’s decision upon release:

  • Captain – “Desert Fire”
  • FTL – “Marauder”
  • Farah – “Desert Sentinel”
  • Foxtrot – “Nomad”
  • Ghost – “Apparition”
  • Kingsley – “Away”
  • Kingsley – “Home”
  • Kreuger – “Dust Up”
  • Maxis – “Dark Aether”
  • Mil-sim – “Crash Down”
  • Minotaur – “Mongrel Lord”
  • Nomad – “Spider Web”
  • Otter – “Sand Drift”
  • Legendary Phantom – “Osiris”
  • Roach
  • Rodion – “Spetsnaz”
  • Roze – “Sand Dune”
  • Ruin – “Raven’s Red”
  • Seraph – “Gangsta”
  • Spec Ops 5 – “Night Lit”
  • Wyatt – “The Fixer”
What To Expect In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4, New Sniper Revealed 3
Call of Duty Mobile

Last but not least, the map teaser photos. The photos were evident to fans as many would remember Satellite being one of the few maps players loved from Black Ops: Cold War. With Satellite, Khandor was teased as well, but this was not fleshed out as much as Satellite.

Satellite would fit the meta around the addition of the Koshka since Satellite was known for its perfect size for getting quick kills in an arguably close-quarters map. Other run-and-gun tactics would be viable as well but it had a lot of vantage points for snipers so it seems like the Koshka will shine for the new season.

What To Expect In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4, New Sniper Revealed 2
Call of Duty Mobile

Season 4 is expected to be a game-changing update to Call of Duty Mobile, but no official date has been given yet as Season 3 recently came out. However, seasons typically come out a month apart, so players should expect the Season 4 update around Wednesday, April 27, 2022–Wednesday, May 4.

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