Xbox Live Updates on the Way

| April 2, 2014
Xbox Live Updates on the Way

Those with Xbox One’s will have a few updates to look forward to this month.

The first is a sneak preview for some new features to select Xbox Live users. This is by invite only, but the promotion spans across North America and Europe.

The lucky few get to try out some new additions for OneGuide and SmartGlass.  TV listings will be added to OneGuide, Favourites, and App Channels (this is already available in the USA), a new way to watch recorded content from a DVR on a smartphone or tablet, and Kinect voice commands that can be used to control set up and other AV equipment (this is available in the USA as well).

For the rest of us, there is another update to try out. It allows users to view purchased or rented movies from Xbox Video across all devices, allowing you to start and stop on one gadget and continue on on another.

For Smartglass, there will be a few new features that will make navigation easier. You’ll be able to navigate game options to find achievements faster, find players you’ve recently gamed with, and receive notifications from Xbox Live.

What features are you looking forward to? What would you like Microsoft to add to the Xbox One?

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