Xiaomi 13 Ultra—A Professional Camera Experience With Leica

xiaomi 13 ultraa professional camera experience with leica 23041804 1

Prolific smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled their newest device made as a collaborative effort with camera manufacturer Leica—the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

The latest result of Xiaomi and Leica’s collaboration, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra smartphone, was unveiled today at the Xiaomi 13 Ultra launch event after being leaked earlier. Boasting one of the best camera setups on the market, it features a quad camera system with a primary camera with a 1-inch sensor and a variable aperture. With a stunning screen and a flagship-level processor, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra offers users seeking a professional camera experience the “ultimate in all capabilities.”

Xiaomi 13 Ultraa Professional Camera Experience With Leica 23041804

Inherited from the Leica M series, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has the characteristics of compact size, large aperture, and high imaging performance. The polynomial design of the lens allows it to reach the nanometer level. The quad camera system ranges from 12mm (ultra-wide angle), 23mm (wide angle), 75mm (telephoto), to the new 120mm (super-telephoto), as well as the extra 46mm and 240mm lengths through the In-Sensor-Zoom.

Inspired by a shooting method commonly used by street photographers, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra uses a Fast Shot mode which captures the moment in just 0.8s. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra sports a 6.73″ pro-grade WQHD+ display with up to 2600 nits peak brightness. Equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which adopts 4nm process technology, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra utilizes top-notch performance while also keeping battery consumption at a minimum.

Xiaomi 13 Ultraa Professional Camera Experience With Leica 23041804 2

“As the annual masterpiece of the Xiaomi Ultra product line, Xiaomi 13 Ultra has the most powerful hardware configuration available, along with a suite of new innovative technologies for a top-notch flagship experience,” Xiaomi said in its press release.

Additionally, Xiaomi announced some new ecosystem products, such as the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, which features a 1.62” full AMOLED screen, a new metal frame, and different strap materials. This device can now be affixed to shoes or necklaces, offering fast charging and better battery life. Also launched today are the Xiaomi Pad 6 Series, Xiaomi TV Master Mini LED 86″, and Mijia PIPI Desk Lamp.

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be available for sale in mainland China from April 21 and will enter various international markets “in the coming months.” The device will be available in three colors: Black, White, and Olive Green, with the 12G+256G model priced at RMB 5,999, the 16G+512G model at RMB 6,499, and the 16GB+1TB model at RMB 7,299. You can check out CGMagazin’s review of the Xiaomi 13 Pro while we wait for our hands-on time with this new ultra-level flagship smartphone.

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