Terrible Warriors: Kult, Part Seven

| July 30, 2022
Terrible Warriors: Kult, Part Seven

The walls come tumbling down and in a moment of violence the trio are freed from the bindings of the Illusion.

As the Truth draws nearer they are transported back to familiar trappings.

But questions still remain.

Above all, where did Blue come from?

Autumn and Aiden try to hold it together as they are pushed to their limits of reason.

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Our players are Justin Ecock, Ainslie Moors, and Kimberly Dewing
Our GM is Mitch Wallace

Justin Ecock is our audio editor.

Theme music is by Epic Game Music
All other music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

Kult: Divinity Lost is published by Helmgast

And the Terrible Warriors have partnered up with the Dungeons & Do-Gooders to present Tabletop Tuesdays. The series is now concluded but you can visit and watch the VODs at twitch.tv/dndggames

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