Terrible Warriors – Meet the Makers: Craig Campbell (Secrets of the Vibrant Isle)

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Terrible Warriors – Meet the Makers: Craig Campbell (Secrets of the Vibrant Isle)

Justin connects with Craig Campbell to talk about his “cozy gaming” solo RPG, Secrets of the Vibrant Isle.

The pandemic era of gaming has seen a lot of us forced to spend time alone. And if you weren’t fortunate enough to have a good internet connection and a quiet space to connect you might not have been able to replace your old gaming group with a virtual one. Perhaps that’s why there’s been a rising interest in the genre of sole RPGs.

In the Secrets of the Vibrant Isle you will play a person who has chosen to sail out to this mystical place, you explore the terrain and meet it’s denizens and after four weeks of in-game time they will decide if you are allowed to remain on the Vibrant Isle or be cast away. Craig will share with us how he came to create the game, some of the design challenges he had to overcome, and what you can expect if you decide to pick up this book for your next evening of alone time.

The Kickstarter is happening right now and runs until November 3rd, so there’s still time to support this unique game. You can visit the kickstertarter page by following this link or visiting https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1582756696/secrets-of-the-vibrant-isle?ref=dy7mn1

And check out Craig’s other work at nerdburgergames.com

If you want to follow Craig on twitter, his handle is @NerdBurgerCraig

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