Terrible Warriors – Meet the Makers: Erwan Roudaut (Degenesis)

| Jun 10, 2021
Terrible Warriors - Meet the Makers:  Erwan Roudaut (Degenesis)

Justin connects with Erwan Roudaut, junior producer at Six More Vodka and one of the makers behind Degenesis: Rebirth to talk about the history of Degenesis and changes they’ve made to their business model to ensure a long and lasting future for the series.

Degenesis has an almost mythic reputation among those who play it. It’s art is beautiful, it’s presentation is stunning, and it’s world fully engrossing. So how accessible is it to new players? Is now a good time to jump into the waters? And what’s it like to be the run responsible for running a game of Degenesis?

Degenesis is free to play and you can learn more by visiting degenesis.com

Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

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