Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight: Daniel Kwan (Asians Represent!)

| March 18, 2021
Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight: Daniel Kwan (Asians Represent!)

Justin connects with Daniel Kwan from the ENnie award winning Asians Represent! to talk about his actual play, Dungeons & Da Asians, and his recent writing work for Candlekeep Mysteries


Daniel started off using Dungeons & Dragons as a teaching tool a The ROM, a museum in Toronto, where he used the game as a platform to energize kids imaginations to educate them on the different subjects available at the museum. From there he was invited to conventions like Breakout, where he participated in his first panel, and then to Fan Expo where he came into contact with the larger tabletop community. Not long after that he was preparing to co-create the Asians Represent podcast, which at the time would be just a monthly podcast about elevating Asian representation in tabletop gaming.


As the podcast grew so did their scope and eventually they launched Dungeons & Da Asians, an actual play podcast-within-a-podcast which would explore Asian characters and settings with a cast of Asian players. The community was growing and they’d clearly tapped into something. Then in 2020 they won the Gold ENnie for Best Podcast. Since then they’ve launched Asians Read, where they give critical readings of published games that use Asian themes, tropes, and stereotypes.


Meanwhile, along with the podcasting, Daniel is also the co-founder of Dundas West Games where you may be familiar with Ross Rifles, which we got to play here on Terrible Warriors back during their Kickstarter campaign. It has also been announced that Daniel is part of the writing team for Magpie Games’ Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG and just this week saw the release of Candlekeep Mysteries which includes an adventure written by Daniel himself, “The Book of Inner Alchemy”.


The best way to stay up to date with everything Daniel Kwan is to follow him on twitter @danielhkwan
And Daniel also has a linktree where you can find links to all his kickass projects.

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