Earthworm Jim HD (XBOX 360) Review

Earthworm Jim HD (XBOX 360) Review
Earthworm Jim HD (XBOX 360) Review 2
Earthworm Jim HD
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The Earthworm known as Jim started out as a product of that wonderful, demented time known as gaming in the 90 He first hit the Genesis console in 1994 thanks to Shiny Entertainment and was the epitome of an era when the big thing in platformers was some kind of animal mascot With Attitude. In this case, the mascot was a humble worm that gained access to a cybernetic suit, and the attitude was one of defiance with a distinct hick flair and some of the most bizarre levels put to code. 15 years later, the worm is back, but, as with many games from yesteryear, it’s starting to show its age.

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When all is said and done, Earthworm Jim HD is one of those titles that is really made for fans of the original. It looks good, sounds great, and still contains that same off-beat, often surreal humor that still stands out even today. The controls and general game design show off their age, and younger players, used to the more gentle experience of contemporary games will likely find the mercilessness of 20th century games to be off-putting and alienating. Earthworm Jim HD is an interesting snapshot of an era in gaming’s development, but lacks the timelessness of something like Tetris. This is a relic of the 90s and it shows.

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