55″ Philips QLED Roku TV (2023) Review

55" Philips QLED Roku TV (2023) Review

When I first got the 55-inch Philips QLED Roku TV (55PUL7973/F6), I didn’t really know what to expect. But after using it for a while, I can say that it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a high-quality 4K TV without breaking the bank. This TV offers much more than what its $649.99 price tag suggests, making it a standout option for modern home entertainment setups. While it has some minor drawbacks, few TVs come close for gamers or people who want to experience vibrant 4K and are used to the Roku interface.

Design and Unboxing Experience

55&Quot; Philips Qled Roku Tv (2023) Review

Unpacking the Philips QLED Roku TV was relatively painless. Like all mid-to-large size LED TVs, you’ll find the unit wrapped in a protective styrofoam, with all of the included parts, including the legs, manual, and remote, all tucked away safely from interfering with the TV during transport. It should be noted that the Philips 4K Roku TV comes in sizes ranging from 50” to 75”, but we looked at the 55″ model for this review.

“The Philips QLED Roku TV boasts a sleek, premium-looking aesthetic that effortlessly blends into any living room or entertainment area.”

Setup is relatively simple, with the legs requiring two screws each, and then you just have to go through the Roku setup process, which should take no more than 15 minutes with the help of a smartphone or PC. It is honestly incredibly painless, and the walkthrough ensures that you have all the necessary channels, inputs, and settings set up correctly so that you are ready to enjoy your new TV when you are finished.

The Philips QLED Roku TV boasts a sleek, premium-looking aesthetic that effortlessly blends into any living room or entertainment area. The slim bezels around the 55-inch display maximize screen real estate, offering an almost borderless viewing experience. The TV’s slim profile is not just for looks but also for easy wall-mounting or placement on various types of TV stands.

The build quality is solid and what you would hope from a TV of this size, even when moving it for setup or just to adjust your living room setup. The TV is packaged with a brushed metal stand and has a 3-sided borderless display, adding an extra layer of sophistication to its design. It is relatively solid on its dual-leg setup, and the minimal style throughout ensures it should not clash with any other decor. 

For a mid-range TV, I have to say the Philips QLED Roku TV delivers more than I would have expected in terms of IO. The TV features four HDMI ports, including one with eARC support for high-quality audio transmission, making it ideal for various setups involving gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or sound systems. USB inputs add another layer of versatility, allowing for media playback from external storage devices. 

As this is a modern TV, it includes all the wireless connectivity we have come to expect. Ethernet and Wi-Fi options ensure stable internet connectivity for seamless streaming, and Bluetooth gives you the flexibility you need to connect a range of controllers and other connectivity devices. The TV also includes a digital audio out (optical) port for additional audio setup flexibility, something many Low to mid-range TVs sadly lack.

Visuals & Picture

55&Quot; Philips Qled Roku Tv (2023) Review

For its price point, I was very impressed by the picture the Philips QLED Roku TV delivered in gaming and entertainment. Employing Quantum Dot technology, the QLED panel ensures deeper blacks, brighter whites, and a wide colour gamut. This results in stunning visuals characterized by enhanced contrast and rich, accurate colours. The 4K resolution takes the detail to the next level, making the TV ideal for a range of uses, from watching high-definition content and gaming to photo and video editing.

The TV also supports multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which enrich the viewing experience by bringing out the full potential of compatible content. Whether you’re watching a visually captivating movie, an action-packed sports event, or gaming, the TV’s picture quality is bound to impress with its clarity and immersive feel.

Gaming on the Philips QLED Roku TV was good, though held back by the lack of high frame rates, which stuck at the standard 60Hz. I tested both Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X on the TV, and everything looked good, if not amazing. The visuals in games like Elden Ring and Forza were solid, with colours popping even in subdued environments.

The clarity and overall visual fidelity were on par with similar TVs in the price range, including those we tested from TCL. The lack of higher frame rates means that testing is limited to basic gameplay, but the Philips QLED Roku TV passed all of these with flying colours, and even HDR looked great, adding another layer to the visuals when enabled.

55&Quot; Philips Qled Roku Tv (2023) Review

Smart Features and Interface

Love it or hate it, one of the standout features of this TV is the integration of the Roku smart platform. The Roku interface on this TV makes it easy to get started and enjoy your media without the need for external boxes for most of the streaming services people use on a daily basis.

Though it hasn’t changed much over the years, Roku has one of the most robust selections of streaming channels of any platform and requires the least amount of resources to run and deliver a solid experience. Once connected to the Internet, users gain access to a plethora of streaming services, including but not limited to Netflix, Roku Channel, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

The remote is ergonomically designed with dedicated buttons for popular streaming services and voice control. Voice search is remarkably accurate and time-saving, making finding the content you want easy. Navigating through the Roku interface is smooth, with minimal lag between different menus and apps. The home screen can be personalized with your favourite channels, making accessing the content you love the most easy. I wish I could customize more aspects of the overall interface, but it does what it needs to do and does it well.

55&Quot; Philips Qled Roku Tv (2023) Review

Audio Performance

As should be expected if you have read any of my other reviews on mid-range smart TVs, while the TV excels in picture quality and smart features, its audio performance may not match the same level of excellence. The built-in speakers provide decent sound but lack the depth and immersion required for a true home theatre experience.

“The 2023 Philips QLED Roku TV is a feature-rich and visually impressive television offering excellent performance, smart features, and affordability. “

The sound you will get is flat and lifeless and feels inadequate if you want to do any sort of gaming or be immersed in a movie for a night with friends.  Investing in a good quality soundbar or a surround sound system is recommended to fully complement the stunning visuals, such as a Sonos Beam or Arc. However, it’s worth noting that the TV does support Dolby Atmos, which adds depth to the audio output.

Additional Features

The TV comes with several additional features that enhance its overall value. It supports Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, seamlessly integrating other smart home devices. As I mentioned, this TV does not support over 60Hz but has included Perfect Motion Rate 120 technology, which aims to smooth out fast-paced motion in your content. Honestly, I think everyone should leave this setting off. It does not do enough to make anything better and, in some situations, makes things noticeably worse. 

55&Quot; Philips Qled Roku Tv (2023) Review

While it does deliver most of what a new TV buyer could want, especially for a second room or a study, the price makes the Philips QLED Roku TV so exciting. Priced at $649.99 for the 55-inch model, this TV offers unbeatable value and punches well above its weight class. When compared to other 55-inch QLED options in the market, it’s hard to find a TV that offers as much as the Philips QLED Roku TV at this price point, and the fact it is a pleasure to use makes it an even better deal.

The 2023 Philips QLED Roku TV is a feature-rich and visually impressive television offering excellent performance, smart features, and affordability. It stands as a testament to Philips’ ability to deliver high-quality products that offer great value for money, making it a worthy addition to any modern home entertainment setup.

Final Thoughts

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