HyperX Clutch Android Controller Review

HyperX Clutch Android Controller Review
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HyperX Clutch Android Controller
Company: HyperX
Type: Android Controller
MSRP: $49.99
CGM Editors Choice

Step up your Android and PC gaming experience with the HyperX Clutch gaming controller. This wireless controller will give you the high ground advantage over your competitors in mobile games or the comfort of lying down while using your PC while dominating in competitive matches. With an affordable $50 price tag, the ergonomic aspects of the HyperX Clutch won’t disappoint, with the overall package delivering a lot of value for the Android player looking to step up their game.

HyperX as a brand is no stranger to the gaming community, bringing high-quality products to the market that are made to enhance your gaming experience at a reasonable price. With that pedigree, it is no surprise that their first attempt at a handheld controller, the HyperX Clutch, does not disappoint and meets the needs of an Android gamer perfectly while also being usable for PC. The controller provides wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, or you could use a USB-C to USB-A cable for a wired connection, making the HyperX Clutch a very versatile option for mobile gamers.

If you grew up playing the Xbox consoles, you’ll be instantly familiar with this controller. The HyperX Clutch takes full advantage of the standard Xbox controller layout with the additional “turbo” and “clear” buttons that can be configured within your game’s settings. Gripping onto the HyperX Clutch feels great with the right level of comfort and support needed for long-term gaming sessions.

Hyperx Clutch Android Controller Review

The joysticks’ movement feels extremely smooth to turn and drag while the buttons have a firm and incredibly satisfying click. Another thing I’d like to point out is that the triggers are slightly elongated than the traditional Xbox controllers that made holding onto the triggers for an extended period feel struggle free.

Boasting a 600 mAH battery, the HyperX Clutch has enough life to last 19 hours of gaming. It can also be charged easily should you find yourself running low with the included cable. This makes it great for travel, playing a game while on the couch, or just to have a new way to interact with the mobile games you know and love without the fear of running low while doing so.

“Gripping onto the HyperX Clutch feels great with the right level of comfort and support needed for long-term gaming sessions.”

Since this is mainly designed for Android usage, we should start talking about why this makes mobile gaming comfortable to use. It is clear HyperX put some thought into the design and have made the Clutch very easy to configure based on your needs. The adjustable clip makes mobile gaming more ergonomic and can accommodate phones from 41 mm to 86 mm in width, and it is either attached to the controller through the slot located at the controller’s rear or can be used as a stand for your Android devices.

Playing Call of Duty Mobile couldn’t be any easier on a controller. Usually, playing with the touchpad screen generates a lot of strain on your fingers and wrist, and it becomes very difficult to last a long gaming session. The HyperX Clutch became the solution to that problem.

Mounting the device onto the controller not only makes it easier to view the screen without obstruction from your finger, but it also solves the problem where you must contort your hands into an awkward position when aiming on your device. With all that cast aside, I definitely enjoyed playing with the HyperX Clutch, I was able to use movements you wouldn’t use on a mobile phone, such as bunny hopping while shooting.

Hyperx Clutch Android Controller Review

Connecting the HyperX Clutch with the PC was just as easy as it was on Android. When using the PC, you have the option of three different methods of setting up the controller for the system including cable adapter, 2.4 GHz wireless adapter, and lastly, Bluetooth. For competitive players, I would highly recommend using the first two options, since Bluetooth has the potential of causing input lag, which can be crucial for any competitive game. Steam games work out of the box with the HyperX Clutch, although it should work with most games that provide controller support.

Amongst the variety of games Steam has, I just had to play an arcade-style fighting game, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, to test out the HyperX Clutch, and it was a very satisfying experience. I booted up the game and asked a friend to hop on. We had a lot of fun beating each other with combos and character combinations.

Compared to using the keyboard, using the HyperX Clutch posed no difficulty in inputting the complicated commands for characters such as squigly and Parasou. Each flick of the joystick was satisfying while I spammed my attacking moves. During the time we were fooling around, we played some anime songs with the playable trumpet Easter egg included in Big Band’s taunt. Overall, controller inputs were significantly easier to execute than a regular keyboard.

Hyperx Clutch Android Controller Review

Although there are tons of great things, I wouldn’t exactly consider the HyperX Clutch the best controller to use for Android and PC gaming. Even though it does a lot of things right, there are a few issues that should be addressed, especially if they revise the hardware down the line. The biggest issue, especially for a mobile controller, is the lack of a compartment for the dongle. It worried me because the size of the USB dongle made it easily misplaced at times, and when using the HyperX Clutch on the go, that could lead to problems.

HyperX’s first attempt at an Android gaming controller delivers where it matters. It is inexpensive, feels great in the hands, and is incredibly versatile no matter the platform you want to play on. The HyperX Clutch is easy to recommend for anyone looking for an Xbox-style controller to use for Android and PC gaming.

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