Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review

Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review 4
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Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Company: Lorex
Type: Doorbell
MSRP: $179.99
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Lorex delivers a great doorbell offering that has all the features most buyers would need, even if it lacks some integrations seen on other options

It is no secret I am a fan of smart home devices. I have talked endlessly about smart lights, or the latest abilities of Google Home, so when given the opportunity to look at the Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell I was genuinely excited to give it a try. Thanks to great visual fidelity, easy installation, along with a slew of other features, it is easy to recommend, even if it does not offer some of the more advanced features seen with the competition.

Lorex 2K Qhd Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review
Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Opening the package, it is evident Lorex spent some time making sure the presentation and overall setup would impress buyers right from the unboxing stage. It is a very simple looking device, that while lacks some flair seen on Ring devices, will look at home with most door setups. At 5.0 by 1.8 by 0.7, it is by no means the smallest video doorbell on the market, but the matte-white-and-silver finish with easy-to-use controls offer a design that never makes it feel too big while installed. 

The main feature many smart home lovers may notice is the very large push button to ring the doorbell, that also thanks to the LED’s around it, doubles as an indication of whether the device is functional, and if you have pressed the doorbell button correctly. It is a simple touch, but it makes the potentially oppressive surveillance device feel a bit more friendly. The Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell also features a handy light at the base that works well for finding keys, or just giving your porch an extra glow for safety.

Looking to the back of the device, you will find the typical doorbell wires (16-24-volt AC is required) so sadly, you can’t use this option unless you have wires, or are willing to run them just to set things up. It does allow you to use USB power, but again, you will need to supply your own AC adapter, and unfortunately, it will not work with your previous chime box. On the back you will also find a microSD card (included with the device) and a button to easily reset the Lorex should there be a problem.

Lorex 2K Qhd Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review
Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Looking at the spec sheet, this is one of the more visually appealing video doorbells I have had the pleasure of testing. The doorbell boasts a 2K HDR camera with 2,560-by-1,920-pixel resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio, an 8x digital zoom, and a 164-degree field of view. With support for motion detection, the ability to record as soon as a person is in view, and the ability for two-way audio, this very quickly makes you feel safer, and that you can finally live your 90’s movie rich person fantasy experience. There is something magical about talking to your food delivery person though your phone, and even after over a month, it has not gotten old.

The Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell also offers Dual-band Wi-Fi, and comes with support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa out of the box. With support for routines on both platforms, and easy setup no matter your home automation platform of choice, you should be setup in no time. It must be said that while it does bring with it most features many people may want, it currently does not offer IFTTT, or an easy way to integrate it with other security systems.

The Lorex app brings with it all the features you would hope for from a video doorbell. It connects to all the video devices you currently have installed. The device makes it easy to quickly check on a video feed, along with track past notices, and see previous recordings should anything suspicious pop up, or just to have that extra piece of mind when you hear a bump in the night.

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As mentioned above, the setup is easy, and once you have the app installed, it guides you through each step. With simple on-screen instructions and visual aids, it made what could be a cumbersome procedure seem easy, and I thank Lorex for that. It is about this time the app will let you know if you have an older system, meaning you may need to install the Chime Kit (included in the box, thank you Lorex). I sadly had a system that looked like it was installed well before 1980, so that little addition was a lifesaver.

Once everything was installed and connected I was ready to enjoy the 2K video of my porch to my heart’s content. It took a bit of adjusting to ensure the doorbell was not overly sensitive. While I like feeling safe, being notified when every dog or cat walks by got old, real quick. It also integrates into Alexa, so bringing up the video feed on your Amazon Echo Show is as easy as a simple voice command.

Lorex 2K Qhd Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell was a breath of fresh air when it comes to video doorbells. While I enjoy Ring and what they offer, there was something about the Lorex that made it feel like a more polished experience. With no up-sells and a product that felt whole right from setup, even though it may be a bit more expensive, you will not regret installing the Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell.

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