NZXT Canvas FHD 27F Monitor Review

NZXT Canvas FHD 27F Review
NZXT N7 B550 Motherboard Review
NZXT Canvas FHD 27F
Company: NZXT
Type: Monitor
MSRP: $269.99
CGM Editors Choice

The Canvas FHD 27F monitor is NZXT’s first 240Hz HD gaming monitor, and despite being new to the world of displays, was one of the best 1080P displays I have tested this year. NZXT has been a powerhouse when it comes to components and PC parts, delivering unique looking and well-specced options for the demanding gamer. Carrying this tradition into their displays, the $269.99 Canvas FHD 27F monitor delivers in every area it needs to and brings the company’s attention to detail and quality into monitors tailor-made for the competitive gamer. 

The quality of the parts on offer are what really set NZXT apart from other brands in the similar price range. The NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor sells for $229 as a standalone product, but if you want one with a versatile base, it costs $269.99. NZXT also gives the option of buying the stand separately for $40. The Canvas FHD 27F monitor works with most standard VESA mounts and NZXT even offers the ability to buy monitor arms starting at $100 for a single, or a dual monitor arm for $170. 

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For this money you get a monitor that looks striking in any setting. NZXT made the process painless to set up and get working, with each part clearly marked and ready to get underway once everything is unboxed. The NZXT stand looks and feels fantastic, giving a range of adjustments including the ability to flip the monitor into a vertical position. With the ability to adjust height, swivel, tilt, and pivot, it is easy to set the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor up to meet your needs, and it will look good doing so. The Quick-release mechanism and built-in cable management made the process painless with an end result that looks clean, and ready for any gamer. 

“With the ability to adjust height, swivel, tilt, and pivot, it is easy to set the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor up to meet your needs…”

Once everything is hooked up with the included cables, you can dive into getting the Canvas FHD 27F monitor setup and ready to play some games. NZXT has made the full process as painless as possible. While many brands skimp in some areas, this monitor feels polished in every aspect of the experience. Instead of using cheap buttons that are difficult to operate, the monitor is controlled by a joystick, making adjusting settings easy and intuitive. The AC power cord and all the display cables are included and look clean enough to not disrupt even the most minimal desk setup, and the cable management makes it look great even after everything has been hooked up.

I personally love the way the slim profile of the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor looks, displaying the clean design NZXT is known for. The simple lines and slick overall aesthetic make it an easy display to pair with any gaming rig. The base takes only a small section of the desk, while giving enough support to make the monitor feel sturdy enough to adjust without issue. 

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Looking around the back of the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor you will find a range of I/O to get your PC hooked up, including one Display port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB Type-A 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C port, one USB Type-B 3.0 port, and a 3.5 mm audio connection. For a sub-$300 240Hz monitor, the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F offers everything you could want and more. I was honestly surprised with the level of connectivity, especially considering the limited level you will find on competing products at a similar price range. 

The joystick-controlled OSD was good for the most part, but things got even better once you throw NZXT CAM into the picture. With basic settings such as brightness, contrast, and advanced adjustments such as adaptive sync and gaming profiles, the CAM software made adjusting the Canvas FHD 27F painless. I personally hate onscreen displays, especially for adjusting settings to get the most from my games, so this was a game changer. The CAM software even allows users to change profiles based on the game you are playing or even the time of day, something I never knew I needed until I tried the Canvas FHD 27F.

Once everything is turned on, the real fun starts, and the Canvas FHD 27F shows what it can do. The IPS delivers a fantastic picture that brings out all the detail on some of today’s best games. Playing some of our favourites, the panel delivered a quality picture that was crisp and clear, with enough vibrancy to make games pop. The 240Hz display made everything feel buttery smooth, even on more intense games, and the 178 degrees ultra-wide viewing angles and DCI-P3 89%, sRGB 99% gives enough colour accuracy to make sure games look and feel the way the developers intended. 

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Playing games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Doom Eternal I was impressed with how clear and blur free the image felt, even during intense and fast scenes. With the impressively low pixel response time, combined with AMD FreeSync Premium, you have a winning combination, made to game at incredibly high frame rates. 

“…the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F delivered where it matters most…”

While most of what NZXT brought to the table with the Canvas FHD 27F monitor is phenomenal, the 1000:1 contrast ratio leaves a bit to be desired. With new panels pushing the limits on blacks and contrast on computer screens, and OLED giving a tantalizing taste of how dark black can look, this IPS panel does feel a bit lacking. It should be good for most people’s uses, but especially in darker games, things don’t look nearly as dynamic as they could.

The brightness is another sticking point while testing, especially with HDR content. The DisplayHDR 400 never pushes what is possible on the technology, and the 400nit brightness just never feels blindingly bright enough to show off how well a game can look. Again, for the price it is more than capable to bring a solid viewing experience, but can feel a bit dim when trying to experience what is possible in HDR. 

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Despite the gripes, the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F monitor delivered where it matters most, offering up an incredibly fast and well-designed gaming display built for gamers. With vibrant colours, and an incredibly fast 240Hz refresh rate, you would be hard-pressed to find a better-performing monitor for the price. To top things off, the NZXT CAM software made the process and setup trivial, getting you into the games faster, the way they are meant to be played. 

For a first entry into the FHD monitor space, NZXT has delivered in the best possible way with the Canvas FHD 27F. For gamers looking to bring the best of 1080P gaming at incredibly high frame rates, while not breaking the bank, few monitors can compare to the NZXT Canvas FHD 27F. With a fantastic picture, good colour, all in a versatile package, the Canvas FHD 27F from NZXT is a new gold standard in 1080P gaming displays, and I, for one, am excited to see what the company does next. 

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