The Best Laptop Bags For Travel and Back-to-School

The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 10

With the world opening back up, the age-old question has come up: what is the best bag to bring your laptop? Now with back-to-school coming up fast, the quest, the question is more important than ever. We at CGMagazine had the same issues. With more trips for game previews and events lined up over the coming months, we needed to sort out how we could bring our treasured laptop and make sure it would be safe. There are countless options lining your local store, and don’t even get us started on the digital storefront wasteland.

To this end, we have made up a list of the best laptop bags for travel or back-to-school. We have looked at a range of bags for the list, exploring what is best in for different price ranges and features, but we feel we have a great selection of some of the best on the market. Looking at price, value, style and features, we have compiled a list of the best bags for your laptop. We reserve the right to expand the list over the year when more bags are available. But without further ado, here is the list.

OnePlus Explorer Backpack

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It could be seen as a bit strange to include a phone brand’s backpack on this list for the best laptop bags, but OnePlus have managed to knock it out of the park with their OnePlus Explorer Backpack. Not only does the bag feel modern, rugged, and ready for anything you can throw at it, OnePlus has ensured the bag has everything you need for the tech lover on the go. From well-constructed internal pockets, to a large main compartment with ample storage space, this is a bag that has the tech lover well covered.

Coming in a range of colours and styles, the OnePlus Explorer Backpack has a clean, modern design that is deceptively filled with more interior pockets and compartments than you will know what to do with. The easy-release main flap keeps your gear safe even when rushing for a plane that you almost missed, and the secret compartments make it easy to store everything from your passport to your phone, giving another level of comfort while in transit.

The water-resistant material means that even when around food and drink, you don’t need to worry about the bag getting wet or spilled on, making it fantastic to keep all your valuable tech safe while on the go. With space for up to a 15” laptop and compartments for all your gear you could ever want, the OnePlus Explorer Backpack is absolutely one of the best laptop bags for travel or back-to-school, especially from a brand we at CGMagazine trust.

Incase City Brief 13-inch

The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 7

It would be hard to compile a list of the best laptop bags you can buy and not include one of the best known brands, Incase. The Incase City Brief is a minimal and stylish everyday messenger bag that boasts all the safety you expect from the brand, with none of the bulk of other offers.

The City Brief is a bag built for the tech lover on the go, with space for a 13-inch laptop, while still giving plenty of room for the needed accessories for your mobile workstation. The bag features handy pockets for an iPhone or other mobile device featuring plush fleece lining, and the durable 270 x 500D blended woven polyester will keep your bag looking good, and your electronics safe while you go through the many airports during travel or bus rides for back-to-school.

In typical Incase fashion, the City Brief feels adjustable to your lifestyle, offering many ways to bring your bag on the go. With an adjustable shoulder strap that easily detaches, and the bevy of pockets on offer on all sides of the bag, it is easy to see why the City Brief from Incase handily made our best laptop bags for travel and back-to-school list.

The Messenger Bag from Away

The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 2

Away has made a name for themselves with solidly built luggage and modern, stylish designs. So it is no wonder we decided to include an offering from the brand on this best laptop bags list. The Messenger Bag is a very clean and well-built laptop bag that packs a lot of features in a minimal, clean design that will turn heads, and keep your laptop safe while you explore the world.

Built for your lightweight 13-inch laptops like the Razer Blade, The Messenger Bag features a well-padded compartment with a magnetic locking zipper that will keep your laptop safe and free from scratches while you lug yourself through airports and lecture halls.

With an easy-access external slip pocket and ample compartments, you can keep all your needed tech and documents safe and secure, all the while being easy to access when you need them most. Best of all, the bag is designed to slip onto the handle of a suitcase, making it great for when you are loaded up ready for your next adventure and your arms are at a premium.

While one of the more expensive options on the list, The Messenger Bag from Away looks good, and is built to last, featuring water-resistant nylon and leather trim to keep your bag, and the contents, looking good for years to come.

Alpaka Alpha Messenger Bag

With a price tag of $196.00 the Alpha Messenger Bag from Alpaka is on the more premium end of this list of the best laptop bags for travel and back-to-school, but with the features on offer, it is well worth a look. This clean-looking minimalist bag boasts a lot of features that make it ideal for travellers and students that bring high-end tech with them. The unassuming, modern-looking bag is made with premium weatherproof material to keep your electronics dry and safe from the weather as the RFID blocking front compartment & lockable zippers will protect you from theft.

Even with all the security and safety with your electronics in mind, the Alpha Messenger Bag is incredibly comfortable to wear, even over long periods of time. The ergonomic design and a well-padded shoulder strap keep it comfortable, and the smart design choices like a reversible strap and the possibility of using it like a briefcase make it a versatile option no matter your needs for comfort.

The Alpha Messenger Bag also gives enough flexibility to fit all manner of tech, from a 14’’ laptop like the Matebook 14S in the push laptop sleeve compartment, to headphones, and even an iPad Mini in the padded front compartment. Using it for travel is easy, with pockets and pouches for all the accessories, and the different compartments make sure it never feels cluttered when on the go. The Alpha Messenger Bag is a great choice for all your laptop travel needs, and can help you keep all your back-to-school gear organized and safe.


The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 4

One of the more versatile laptop bags on the list is the TIMBUK2 X ASTRO GAMING BP35 BACKPACK. A product collaboration between Astro and TIMBUK2, the BP35 BACKPACK is built with the gamer in mind, with smart features that make it ideal for travelling with electronics, gear, and especially your headset.

With a total volume of 35 litres, the BP35 BACKPACK is one of the biggest selections on the list, but that makes it perfect for long trips or when you need to bring a lot of gear with you. Made from solid material and featuring a water-resistant coating, the bag can take whatever the elements or your travels though at it. There are a range of compartments and padded pockets and internal compartments, including ones that can fit your water bottle, tablet, laptop, and even a special hook inside the bag built for your Astro headset

With straps for cables, plenty of pockets to organize all your gear, and robust padded straps for carrying, the BP35 BACKPACK is easily one of the most versatile options on this list. At $249.99, this is a solid choice, one that should give you all a gamer could need as they travel the globe in style, but can also help lug everything you could possibly need across campus. It’s definitely one of the best laptop bags for travel and back-to-school.

Alpaka Elements Backpack

The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 5

While not as versatile as the other backpack on the list, the Elements Backpack from Alpaka is one modern-looking bag made to keep your laptop safe. This ultra-clean looking bag has all the features you could hope for from a laptop bag, while including a few features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Costing $209.00 CAD, the Elements Backpack is built with organization in mind. It features a plush sleeve pocket for your laptop, along with pockets for tablets, books, accessories, and even hidden pockets to keep important items safe while travelling.

Much like on the Alpha Messenger Bag, the Elements Backpack is made from premium weatherproof materials featuring weatherproof fabrics + DWR coating that will keep your gear safe. It features a padded laptop compartment that will fit up to a 16″ laptop and the interior pockets will ensure you have space for all the cables and chargers without needing to have them loose in the bag.

With a low profile look, the Elements Backpack still boasts a total carrying capacity of 24 Litres. The space cell foam padding on shoulder straps will keep it comfortable even over long journeys.

Kensington Contour 2.0 Executive Briefcase

The Best Laptop Bags For Travel 6

Rounding out the list, we have a well-known name in laptop bags, with the Kensington Contour 2.0 Executive Briefcase. This is a great, inexpensive choice that makes a great budget laptop bag, while still giving you the needed zippered pocket laptop compartment, to keep your precious laptop safe while on the go.

Built to support up to a 14″ laptop, the Contour 2.0 has an executive feel that makes it look great to bring to meetings, classes or while on your commute. The Contour is designed to hug the body and shifts weight closer to the centre of gravity, making it easier to carry a heavy laptop without pain. It even features specially positioned pockets to help distribute the weight evenly while travelling and using the shoulder strap.

The tough puncture-resistant fabric looks clean while keeping your electronics safe while out and about, and the interior padded pocket gives the needed room to fit all the needed accessories. While it does not have the space of some other choices on the best laptop bags for travel and back-to-school list, the Contour 2.0 Kensington is one of the most versatile laptop bags, especially for the price. 

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