CGM Editor’s Picks for Mom This Mother’s Day (Update: It’s THIS SUNDAY!)

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we at CGM have done some deep digging to round up the best tech and gaming gifts for all the next-gen moms out there.

If your mom likes gaming, smart devices, superheroes and everything in between, you’re sure to find something on this list for her! With Mother’s Day taking place in a global pandemic for the second year in a row, gone are the days of brunch and flowers; Treat the best lady you know to some high quality gear that keeps her entertained, or helps make her life a breeze. Here are the gifts we know our moms would love.


Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

Nixplay Smart Photo Frames have brought photo lovers into the digital age. These aren’t your basic digital photo frames, the kind where you have to wrangle an SD card and swap out the photos. These frames come with Wi-Fi, letting you to access the photos displayed easily from your cell phone or Google Photos. You can create different “playlists” and even include videos. It allows you to create a standard or dynamic playlist. Standard playlists are ones you create and organize yourself from your phone, whereas dynamic playlists automatically sync with your Google Photos library.

With frames ranging from 9.7 Inch to 15.6, there is a size for every room. Starting at $179.99 on Amazon right now, if they’re in your budget, the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame comes highly recommended as a memorable gift for mom.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms!

I’m a mom and I can say first hand that mom’s love gaming too! Razer’s Viper Ultimate stands as one of the best gaming mice currently on the market for the PC. The mouse features Razer’s Hyperspeed Wireless Technology to offer low latency gaming. It features a 20,000 DPI sensor, making it ideal for detecting even minute movements, and it is comfortable for long gaming sessions.

If that were not enough, Razer offers this mouse in a several designs including the stylish Cyberpunk 2077 yellow and black design and my personal favourite, the Quartz Pink. The mouse lasts for 70 hours on a full charge, and comes with a matching charging dock to ensure it’s ready to go when mom finally gets a minute to jump into her favourite game. The Razer Viper Ultimate is currently on sale in four different colours at Best Buy and Amazon for $109.99, so spoil mom on a budget while you can! Continue down the list to see more from this vibrant set.


Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms! 5

We all know you shouldn’t buy mom a broom or vacuum for Mother’s Day. The iRobot Roomba 694 definitely breaks that rule. It’s not just a vacuum — it cleans both carpets and hard floors effortlessly using its 3 stage Cleaning system and Dual Multi-Surface brushes. The little guy even takes care of corners and edges with its Edge-Sweeping brush. With 90 minutes of battery life, the iRobot will automatically dock and recharge when it needs to, so it will never let mom down when she’s got a dirty job that needs doing.

Coming in at $369.99, it’s a small price to pay for a durable, thorough cleaning buddy that responds to your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. Let mom set and forget her new little robot friend, so she can kick back and relax while the iRobot Roomba 694 does the dirty work this Mother’s Day.


Echo Show 10

Speaking of Alexa, Amazon has delivered the perfect evolution of the Echo brand and the best smart speaker currently on the market with the Echo Show 10. With an easy-to-use tutorial to get you set up, this is the perfect gift for moms who love their smart devices. At $329.99 this gift acts as a hub for all your smart devices and even does a few tricks of its own.

The Echo Show 10 is a standout device that demonstrates the evolution of what a smart assistant can do. This feels like the most premiere smart display on the market — offering every feature you could imagine, including a 10.1 inch, 1280×800 touchscreen and a full 360-degree range of movement allowing it to follow users as they move about the room. A great device to keep mom company while she tests out our next gift on the list.


Gotham City Cocktails

Though I haven’t tested the recipes personally, I couldn’t leave Gotham City Cocktails off the Mother’s Day gift list. As a mom myself this book had me jazzed. At only $33.65, it’s great for a gift on a budget and guaranteed to give the DC fan in mom a kick in her step as she tests out the Gotham themed cocktails and goodies.

The unique cookbook features “a collection of sophisticated libations and mouth-watering appetizers, this unique book contains 70 recipes that are sure to bring Gotham City’s class and intrigue to life at your next gathering.” The book features food and drinks inspired by your favourite friends and foes including Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and even Commissioner Gordon.


Lost Words: Beyond The Page

Let mom get lost in this novel adventure from Sketchbook Games consisting of around 4 hours of gameplay available on most popular systems. The player follows Izzy, the protagonist, as she reads her journal aloud while she writes and draws in it, detailing her adolescent life and her relationships with her family. The player moves a representation of her around the journal pages, using her words as platforms and manipulating her drawings to get to the next page.

Through it all, the presentation is sublime. Exemplary voice acting, a beautiful score, insightful writing, and rich visuals—Sketchbook Games uses every aspect of the game engine and its aesthetics to express her emotions and pull at our heartstrings. It’s a masterclass in how a game’s mechanics can be used to enhance its story. From the raw power of the words and narration to the way Izzy’s imaginary world is influenced by her grief, this is a potential tear-jerker – a great way to let mom get get away and relax a little this Mother’s Day for only $14.99


Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

For the moms that like a little more longevity to their games, Story Of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is a must-have. Available for Nintendo Switch, the game costs $62.48; this newly released game will deliver countless hours of downtime for a mom that deserves some rest.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town begins by recalling the story of the player’s grandfather; who long ago blazed a trail and founded a community called Olive Town. Now as an adult, the player leaves their life in the city for an idyllic life in the country, only to learn their grandfather’s farm—and subsequently Olive Town itself—has fallen a bit behind the times. It’s up to the player to return both their farm, and Olive Town to their former glories, and maybe find love and prosperity along the way. Once the kids are tucked in for the night, mom will love hanging out in Olivetown to farm the night away.


Ecobee Sweet Dreams Baby Kit

Though this may look like a gift for the little ones, rest assured that the ecobee Sweet Dreams Baby Kit is a package designed with moms in mind. The ecobee Sweet Dreams Baby Kit caters to family buyers with its high-quality technology at a competitive price point of $389.99. Regular baby monitors come in at a minimum of $100 and don’t come anywhere close to the quality and security that ecobee can provide. The SmartCamera, SmartSensor SmartThermostat and ecobee app come as a package deal guaranteed to deliver crisp, clear video and peace of mind to every mom with small children.

Check on your baby from anywhere; talk, view or adjust the temperature via the ecobee app. This gift is perfect for new moms, or moms with small children. Deliver the ability to relax via the ecobee Sweet Dreams Baby Kit.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms!

I’m a huge fan of Razer products and that continues with the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition. Yes, more Quartz Pink! Don’t worry, this playful headset is available in a variety of colours including Classic Black, but why not continue through Razer’s Quartz set if not for continuity alone.

The Kraken features THX 7.1 surround sound capability to help drown out a noisey house and a retractable, active noise-cancelling microphone so the world won’t hear the kids while mom games. My favourite part so far—aside from the adorable ears—is the stream-responsive RGB Lighting. Razer Chroma lighting is optional on both the kitty ears and triple-headed snake logo areas. The lighting is able to interact with streams and alerts via the Razer Streamer Companion app. So if mom is considering streaming, or just likes flashy gear, the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition is the headset for her, also on sale at Best Buy and Amazon for $129.99


Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Give mom the gift of gab with Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone, a mid-range phone that can rival the big dogs in terms of storage, camera quality and power. I needed the phone to take great photos of my kids, text constantly across several apps, stand up to the torture of the bottom of my purse and the constant carnage from my toddler, answer dozens of work emails throughout the day and still keep the battery alive long enough to indulge my TikTok binge before bed. This device did all that and more.

The A52 is a user-friendly model costing $499.99 and will be an easy introduction for any moms out there who aren’t very tech-savvy, a perfect gift to help mom keep in touch this Mother’s Day.


Cgm Editor'S Picks For Mom This Mother'S Day (Update: It'S This Sunday!)

It is hard to balance fitness and technology, but Fitbit wants to help buyers try with their Fitbit Sense. Blending style and functionality, the company has given this little smartwatch all the features one could ever hope for from a fitness tracker. From long battery life, to a sleek modern look, it is hard to go wrong if mom love’s fitness and likes to stay on the cutting edge.

The sense delivers features that can feel unnecessary, such as the stress tracking, but overall it is one of the best fitness trackers to date. Recent improvements such as automatic SpO2 tracking at night and Google Assistant support have made the Sense even more useful. While the Apple Watch is great, the Fitbit Sense offers the best overall health focused smartwatch experience that pushes the limit on what a wearable can do. Keep mom fit and stylish this year with the Fitbit Sense for $329.99.


Razer Blackwidow V3 Quartz

I know, my THIRD splash of Quartz Pink, but Razer has released the BlackWidow V3 Quartz and I’m obsessed. Now on sale at Best Buy and Amazon for $124.99, it’s an affordable offering, and brings with it all the features we expect from a high level keyboard. Great cable management, comfortable design and an included wrist rest mean you can type and game for hours and not be regretting it later.

This being a Razer product, it has the excitement of Razer Chroma, solid keys, and responsive mechanical switches that make it great for gaming or the office. Featuring a very easy to use multifunction roller wheel for media, mom can get some writing or gaming done while controlling the volume with no fuss. Most office and gaming set-ups are filled with black keyboards and accessories, but Razer has come out with an entire Quartz line to go along with the BlackWidow V3 Quartz and its guaranteed to brighten up moms (or your) desk! This is one of the more unique and stylish keyboard options you can find. 


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms!

With spring around the corner it’s much easier to get outside and be active, this makes a set of headphones a great addition to any moms wish list. Thankfully, Razer has a new set of Bluetooth earbuds that hit all the right notes, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro.

This being a Razer product, it features all the bells and whistles you have come to expect from the brand. Not being satisfied delivering a “good enough” audio option, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro features everything you would hope like customization of the EQ (THX is by far the best in our opinion), punchy bass, easy touch controls and a IPX4 rating, as well as a selection of audio tips ready for whatever case you will have with these earbuds. The earbuds do well with all styles of music, though the impact is better felt with audio that can feature synths or other beat heavy sound. Give the mom in your life the gift of audio with the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro for $179.99.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms! (Update: You Have 6 Days Left!)

Does anyone really like mopping? There is no way my mom liked mopping after me and my friends would destroy her basement back in high school eating pizza and playing Rock Band all night. That’s why the iRobot Braava jet m6 is so incredible. Mom doesn’t have to mop anymore. Just let Braava take the wheel and give mom a break.

With the Braava you can pinpoint exactly where you want to clean and with its Precision Jet Spray it will have your house sparkling in no time. It will have no problem keeping up with a much-needed mom’s night of tacos and tequila! Over time the m6 will learn the layout of your home and build personal Smart Maps, allowing it to clean and navigate your home like an expert. No need to worry about lugging around a heavy mop bucket ever again.

The device can also pair with your Google Home or Alexa and be turned on via voice assistance. It’s currently available for $499.99 and is the gift that keeps on giving, because mom will never need to look at a mop again.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Our Tech And Gaming Moms! (Update: You Have 6 Days Left!)

Dyson is the mother of all household machine companies, so what better gift for mom this year than the Dyson V11 Outsize. This cordless, battery operated vacuum is top of the line at a whopping $1099.99, but you get what you pay for. Lasting over an hour with one charge, and a second battery included, the V11 can keep up with busy households. Kids, spouses, pets—you name it, the Dyson V11 Outsize does it.

The vacuum comes with loads of extra bells and whistles like a High Torque XL cleaner head, combination tool, crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, wand storage clip, docking station, mini motorized tool, charger, mini soft dusting brush and an extra charger. Along with the easy set up and sleek design, this the perfect no hassle gift this Mother’s Day.


Cgm Editor’s Picks For Mom This Mother’s Day (Update: You Have 3 Days Left!)

Is your mom usually the hottest—or coldestone in the room? Try the Embr Wave 1 on sale now for $229. The Wave helps control body temperature by using temperature sensations on the inside of the wrist. If mom’s too hot, turn it to cool. Too cold? Let it help you warm up.

The band is magnetic, completely adjustable and can come in pink or silver. You can also purchase the extended warranty and Embr Wave Travel Case for mom! The Wave 1 comes with a 30-day home trial in case mom isn’t satisfied. Embr likens it to holding a hot mug of coffee on a cold day, or and ice-cold glass of water in the middle of summer. Pick one up today and help mom stay cool—or warm—this Mother’s Day!

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