5 Effective PSUs To Get New PC Setups Started

5 Effective PSUs To Get New PC Setups Started 12

Choosing a PSU for a PC always seems like a Herculean task with the variety of options. This list gives 5 solid choices to work with.

A PSU is the power supply unit for a computer, and many home builders or those looking to build their own should at least know the bare minimum of what is required to run their hardware. The short answer is that a PSU is an internal hardware IT component that provides direct current power to the other main components, the CPU and the RAM devices are examples of this. This is possibly the most important part of the entire structure, as without adequate power transmission, the rest of the parts wouldn’t work. Think of the PSU as a heart, and the rest of the structure as organs.

Although most PCs come with a PSU upon purchase, when building your own or looking to upgrade specs, an upgraded power supply is going to be a necessity due to power output demands. The key specifications of the power supply are compatibility and wattage. If a power supply unit can’t fit within the confines of the servers outer shell, it is not compatible, this is highly important.

The wattage assumes the power output. The higher the wattage, the more power the PSU provides to the body. If a server’s main components require say 500V, it would be a good idea to have a power supply of at least double, so the unit can provide enough juice in the most arduous of tasks. Like a high power generator, a power supply functions best when it is tasked the least.

With all of that in mind, here are five possible PSUs that can power your server (in no particular order):

5. The XPG CORE Reactor 750W Gold Power Supply

5 Effective Psus To Get New Pc Setups Started 7

This PSU is sleek and comes in an all black XPG CORE Reactor style. Outfitted with 750W in the middle power, it also comes with 650W or 850W power output for those who may need less, or more power in total. The 80 Plus Gold certification assures the supply will run at 90% efficiency with a 50% load, meaning even if the job requires 375W, this beaut will trek on strongly. With ease of build in mind the specifications on this PSU are fundamentally sound, reducing the size of the unit at 5.51 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches LxWxH, and clutter caused by extraneous cables.

Setting it up in a case is easy thanks to the modular nature it offers. When testing at CGMagazine, we found it a great choice for performance builds, along with test rigs to push GPU’s and CPU’s in our benchmark tests. The XPG was quiet while offering enough power for most uses, and made a great choice based on the price/performance ratio it offers. With FDB fan and fully Japanese capacitors, this is one PSU that should outlive your system, even if you push it. An amazingly well-built PSU that is well worth the cost.

The price of this PSU is $109.99 at the 750W model and can be purchased here.

4. The CoolerMaster 650 MWE Gold

5 Effective Psus To Get New Pc Setups Started

This CoolerMaster 650W power supply unit also comes with the 80 Plus Gold certification, but at less power than the previous model but for a more budget price. Also boasting a small frame at 6.3 x 5.9 x 3.39 inch LxWxH dimensions, this power supply aims to neatly compact and power your server. A silencio equipped fan assures the device is silent when at 90% efficiency, along with an exclusive LDB bearing to help with cooling at no loss to system performance and a longer lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

CoolerMaster have made a name for themselves with PSU’s and the 650W is no different. It is easy to set up, looks great in most builds, and will power even more powerful systems with ease. With the price point and the modular nature, it is a great choice for new builds and upgrades to an existing system.

This unit is priced at $99.99 here.

3. The NZXT C750 Gold

5 Effective Psus To Get New Pc Setups Started 6

Another compact PSU to provide juice in a neat small package. NZXT’s C750 Gold provides more than enough power to jumpstart most gaming rigs, and provides room for possible future upgrades. The lack of extensive cables and ease of setup makes this supply easy to set up. Its design fits most standard ATX cases, making it compatible with most rigs that can utilize its efficiency. The 80 Plus Gold certification assures maximum efficiency as well.

While a bit more expensive than some other choices on this list, the C750 Gold is a powerful offering that should be able to perform well for all uses. The clean style and modular setup makes it a perfect choice for new systems looking to deliver a clean look, and the 750 Watts means you will not be lacking in power, even when you finally get your hands on that new GPU.

The price of the NZXT sits at a pricier $129.99 here.

2. The MSI A850GF

5 Effective Psus To Get New Pc Setups Started

An extra powered PSU for the PC that packs extra juice into another neat little package. The MSI MPG A850GF comes with an extra 100 wattages of power to provide even the heartiest rigs with optimum power efficiency. With like dimensions as all the other PSUs on this list, this MSI brand supply packs a mightier punch in the same small design. 80 Plus Gold certification seems to be an absolute staple with these units, as this one is fully certified. MSI also guarantees this unit with up to a 10-year warranty, assuring lifespan reliability.

This is the PSU are currently using in our benchmarking office system, and it never fails to deliver the power when we need it. From testing the latest GPU to pushing the system to the limits of overclocking, the MPG A850GF is a traffic power supply, and one that will make your gaming rig ready for almost anything you can throw at it. With clean power delivery and fantastic performance, the MSI A850GF is among the best 850W power supplies we have tested to date.

The price of this unit rings in at $119.99 here.

1. The CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White Edition

5 Effective Psus To Get New Pc Setups Started

Last but not least on our PSU starter friendly list, is the CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White Edition unit. Just like the rest of the units on this list, it is, of course, 80 Plus Gold certified. The fan bearing creates less friction, making it great for low RPM operations. This construction, when combined with a larger 135 mm fan, allows for longer run time with smooth efficiency. This keeps the noise level to a minimum when running at 40% maximum load output. The sleek white design also sets it apart from the main components in the server, allowing for easy identification. The cables featuring the same colour helps this factor nicely.

For builds that are style and substance, the White PSU is an amazing choice. It looks good, delivers plenty of power, and does it all whisper quiet. It is hard to deny CoolerMaster knows power supplies, and V650 Gold V2 is just another example of this. The half-bridge LLC resonant converter and DC-DC technology, made with 100% Japanese capacitors, work together to create a PSU that offers reliable and stable voltage outputs for safer, more reliable performance and higher efficiency. Delivering all the features we all demand in a PSU, including module connections, ease of setup and solid power delivery, you can’t go wrong with this option, and the 10-year warranty is just icing on the cake.

The price goes for $129.99 here.

The main reason all of these PSUs made this list, is due to their similar designs, similar pricing, and easy to set up styles. All five of these units come with easy to sort modular cables that allow for less interior clutter of your server with maximum output efficiency. Not only this, but the PSUs listed also carry a good compatibility ratio with other mainstream PC hardware. When just starting out building your own PC, the power supply is crucial in determining effective run capabilities, and the five listed above are some ideal designs for targeting a power supply. Just like the body, without a reliable power supply the rest just doesn’t work. With great power comes great responsibility.

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