Most Anticipated AAA Games of 2018

Most Anticipated AAA Games of 2018 1

It’s that time of year where every media outlet begins to look back on the year that was, remembering and celebrating the best video games we played over the course of 2017. And there were many this year, with so many games releasing each month that many of
us—myself included—wished that good games would stop coming out so that we can finally get around to playing everything.

But while we’re looking back, it’s important to remember that 2018 looks to be just as promising for those players who want to play the games that have the biggest spectacle. And while there are plenty of AA and indie games to fill out 2018, there is still more than enough tentpole releases to get excited about. Here are CGMagazine’s most anticipated games of 2018:


Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 2
Anthem – Bioware

Developer: Bioware
Release Date: Q4 2018
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Bioware’s first new IP since the launch of Dragon Age: Origins in 2009, Anthem represents a large departure for a company that is normally known for crafting single-player experiences. While not much is known about Anthem so far, we do know that it will feature single-player and co-operative multiplayer elements in a shared world, which players explore by equipping customizable exosuits known as Javelins. The gameplay demonstration at E3 looked impressive, and if the exploration elements look to be as freeform as they did during the demo then Bioware will have quite the game that might even give Destiny 2 a run for its money. There is no word on whether or not you’ll be able to romance anything in Anthem yet, though we can hope.

Days Gone

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 3
Days Gone – Sony

Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Release Date: 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Days Gone would be easy to dismiss as just another zombie game, or as a clone of The Last of Us, were it not for the clear emphasis on dynamic events that SIE Bend Studio have shown at various previews. Days Gone places you in an open world that is overrun with zombies—called “Freakers” here—in the role of Deacon St. John, a drifter who travels around on a motorcycle trying to survive against the hordes of creatures that have consumed the world. Part survival horror, part action-adventure, Days Gone is certainly a notable departure for a studio that made its name creating the Syphon Filter franchise. But if Guerrilla Games showed us anything in 2017, it’s that a studio tackling something outside of their purview can create an engaging and unique experience.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 4
Dragon Ball FighterZ – Bandai Namco

Developer: Arc System Works
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

In a year when most people thought that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite would be the biggest fighting game event of the year, Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s debut at E3 2017 quickly surpassed it. Developed by Arc System Works—the developers behind the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear franchises—Dragon Ball FighterZ already looks like one of the most faithful adaptations of the source material in a video game yet, with stunning animations and great art design seeping through each trailer and demo for the game. While this is a new franchise for Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ features Vanish and Dragon Rush moves that resemble the Roman Cancel system found in the developer’s previous games, while also including a Ki Charge to allow players to manually increase their super meter in a style similar to earlier Dragon Ball fighting games. Set for release on January 26, 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ has the potential to not only be one of the biggest fighting games in years, but the next great competitive title.

Far Cry 5

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 5
Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft

Release Date: March 27, 2018
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

In a series whose previous entries have taken place on lawless tropical islands, a dictatorship in the Himalayas and in the heart of Africa, Far Cry 5‘s setting of Montana is a huge departure for the Far Cry series. Playing as a sheriff’s deputy who is part of a task force sent to arrest the leader of a militaristic doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate, Far Cry 5 would be your standard Far Cry game in every other respect if not for the move to America. You’ll still shoot, stab, and run over enemies in your fight to liberate Hope County, though the developers have placed much more of an emphasis on both close quarters and aerial combat with the inclusion of multiple melee weapons and fixed-wing aircraft for dogfights and bombing runs respectively. Far Cry 5 even has a dedicated fishing mechanic, which is one of the few peaceful tasks in a series that is more widely known for gigantic explosions and memorable villains. Whether or not Far Cry 5‘s story succeeds in handling its intriguing premise is still up in the air, but the premise alone is enough for us to be interested.

Untitled Fire Emblem

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 1

Release Date: 2018
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

If there’s one thing that Nintendo has proven in 2017, it’s that the Nintendo Switch is an excellent platform for its franchises. At E3 2017, Nintendo revealed a host of new games for popular franchises in development for the Switch, including a new Fire Emblem title. This will be the first home console Fire Emblem game in more than a decade, with the most recent one being the Wii exclusive Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. We will likely hear more about the new Fire Emblem as 2018 moves forward, but the prospect of playing a main series Fire Emblem game on the Switch has us excited.

God of War

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 6
God of War – Sony

Release Date: Q1 2018
Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
Platforms: PlayStation 4

How does Sony aim to make Kratos and the God of War franchise relevant years after its last release? Simple: By making Kratos a dad—and by shifting the focus to Norse mythology, incorporating more roleplaying elements and replacing his signature dual-chained blades with a magical battle axe that he can throw at enemies. God of War represents a marked step forward in the franchise by forcing Kratos to protect and teach his son, Atreus, in a new world that is untouched by his vengeance. More than just a child in need of protection however, Atreus can be passively controlled with one button to fight back against enemies with a bow and to assist in puzzle solving and exploration. With a new setting, new characters, new monsters, and plenty of new tools to fight with, Kratos is looking to come back with a vengeance in 2018.

Kingdom Hearts III

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 7
Kingdom Hearts III – Square Enix

Release Date: 2018
Developer: Square Enix Business Division 3
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III was originally announced at E3 2013. In the time since, the following Kingdom Hearts games and collections have been released in North America: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 RemixKingdom Hearts HD 2.5 RemixKingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter PrologueKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, and Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ. The Kingdom Hearts series has long been mocked for its increasing absurd naming conventions and propensity for collections, but with the latest trailer at Disney’s D23 2017, we finally have a release window for the long in development sequel to 2006’s Kingdom Hearts II. We still don’t have many details about the story of the game beyond Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s quest to find seven guardians of light, and the handful of worlds that have been revealed over the years don’t reveal much about Kingdom Hearts III‘s overall scope. Kingdom Hearts fans have been patiently waiting for this game for years, and can’t wait to see what Square Enix will bring to the table when the game launches next year.

Metro Exodus

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 8
Metro Exodus – Deep Silver

Release Date: Q4 2018
Developer: 4A Games
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are two of the most memorable survival horror games released in the past decade due to an original and atmospheric setting that combines well with the tense gameplay and resource management elements of both games. The upcoming sequel, Metro Exodus, moves beyond the Moscow Metro system and into the remnants of post-apocalyptic Russia as the player guides Artyom and the remainder of the Spartan Rangers in a journey to the far east. Metro Exodus will feature a train known as the Aurora, which players will ride over their expansive journey to start a new life, but will still retain many mechanics of previous games such as craftable bullets, the need to switch out gas masks, and horrifying mutated creatures that are more than willing to tear your throat out.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 9
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rockstar

Release Date: Q2 2018
Developer: Rockstar Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rockstar’s long awaited and much anticipated follow up to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption was originally set to release in the Fall of 2017, and we had originally listed the game among our most anticipated games of 2017 for that reason. But the game was delayed in May 2017, pushing the release date into the second quarter of 2018. The game’s second trailer was ultimately released in September, confirming that we would be following the exploits of the Dutch Van der Linde gang as outlaw Arthur Morgan before the events of the original Red Dead Redemption. While not revealing much, the trailer was enough to whet the appetites of everyone who was looking forward to returning to the Old West.


Most Anticipated Aaa Games Of 2018 10
Spider-Man – Insomniac Games

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2018
Developer: Insomniac Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Sony has a habit of revealing big games at E3 and then taking years to release them, filling the gap with trailer after trailer to bide time. Spider-Man, developed by Insomniac Games, is one such title. Originally announced at E3 2016, Spider-Man has been one of the most anticipated games in Sony’s lineup thanks to its aim to bring back the massive open world and fluid web swinging mechanics that made the Spider-Man games on the PlayStation 2 so popular. In this iteration, Peter Parker is a young college student who is thrust into a conflict against a new gang called the Inner Demons that is led by Mister Negative—a villain who is not among the most notable villains in Spidey’s rogues gallery. This will be the first game in Marvel’s new strategy to create compelling console games for its roster of characters, and from what’s been shown so far Spider-Man is looking to kick that strategy off with a bang.

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