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It’s almost unheard of for any gamer to live without a favourite, trusted controller, but sometimes finding the right one for you can be a little tricky with the almost endless amount of choices from every direction; and this year was no different. With the marketplace brimming with its fun new developments, it was considerably difficult for the team at CGM to nail down our perfect Best Controller 2023 for you, with our winner and the following contenders ultimately shining brightest.

With brands like HyperX, Victrix, Backbone, and Brook all putting out some amazing stuff this year, it’s going to be hard for users to not find the absolute best fit for any gamer, no matter how picky they may be. 

Here are CGMagazine’s nominees for Best Controller 2023

Brook Vivid Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch

Best Controller 2023 23012001

Writer: Philip Watson
Score: 8
Price: $35.00
The Brook Vivid comes in two colorways, Sunshine for the neutral color enthusiast and Aqua for those who wish to make a highlighted statement. The presentation is minimalistic with a matte finish, and straight out of the box, it comes with everything you need to start gaming.

The Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is a solid wireless option with very competitive pricing. The overall feel of the remote is slightly off in comparison to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but it swims through every task required of the gamer with ease. Additional functionality with mobile games and Bluetooth support for PC make this a jack of all trades but a master of none. If someone NEEDS a wireless Switch Controller but doesn’t want to shell out double for the licensed options, the Brook Vivid Wireless Switch controller is a very serviceable option. An easy recommendation for the cost-conscious.

The Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is an easy recommendation for gamers that require a cheaper wireless alternative.

Nacon RIG Revolution X Pro Controller

Best Controller 2023 23012001 1

Writer: Khari Taylor
Score: 8.5
Price: $99
Compatible with both current Xbox platforms and PC, the Revolution X Pro Controller goes beyond the majority of programmable controllers out there by providing an official “Revolution X” app on the Xbox Store in addition to the PC app. This way users who game primarily or exclusively on Xbox consoles won’t need to have access to a computer or a mobile phone to unlock the full feature set of the device; everything can be done via the Xbox console.

The overall quality of the Revolution X Pro Controller’s plastic feels a touch lower-grade, but that’s hardly out of the ordinary with most third-party controllers on Xbox, and you could easily do a lot worse. The front edges and undersides of the handles have a textured finish that is meant to provide a non-slip grip of sorts, though it isn’t as effective as what you’ll find on Microsoft’s official controllers. As far as overall looks go, however, the Revolution X Pro Controller looks and feels well-designed.

Nacon’s Revolution X offers up a reasonably-priced, wired version of Microsoft’s most advanced controller and even surpasses a number of its best features in terms of functionality, making it an ideal starter controller for pros or a solid backup for seasoned Xbox Elite 2 users, provided you’re willing to make a few ergonomic adjustments.

HyperX Clutch Android Controller

Best Controller 2023 23012001 2

Writer: Patrick Chou
Score: 9
Price: $49.99
HyperX as a brand is no stranger to the gaming community, bringing high-quality products to the market that are made to enhance your gaming experience at a reasonable price. The controller provides wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, or you could use a USB-C to USB-A cable for a wired connection, making the HyperX Clutch a very versatile option for mobile gamers while also being usable for PC.

The adjustable clip makes mobile gaming more ergonomic and can accommodate phones from 41 mm to 86 mm in width, and it is either attached to the controller through the slot located at the controller’s rear or can be used as a stand for your Android devices. HyperX’s first attempt at an Android gaming controller delivers where it matters. It is inexpensive, feels great in the hands, and is incredibly versatile no matter the platform you want to play on. The HyperX Clutch is easy to recommend for anyone looking for an Xbox-style controller to use for Android and PC gaming.

HyperX really put some thought into the HyperX Clutch, making it one of the easiest Android controllers out there.

Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick PS5

Best Controller 2023 23012001 3

Writer: Zubi Khan
Score: 9
Price: 349.99
The Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick for the PlayStation 5 uses the Vewlix layout, featuring 8 buttons that represent the face buttons of the DualSense controller, along with both the left and right bumper and triggers. Like its predecessor, the Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick features a series of settings-related buttons on the face of the device. These include options to change the color of the LEDs, capture footage, and return to the PS5 home screen in addition to a tournament mode button, which disables the pause button of the controller.

There is a reason the Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick is an officially licensed product. It leaves little doubt in its quality, ensuring those who want a tournament-grade stick have the best option available while ensuring compatibility with both PC, PlayStation 4, and native PlayStation 5 titles.

The Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick is thoughtfully designed for the PlayStation 5, making it an ideal choice for those serious about tournament-level hardware.

WINNER: Best Controller 2023: Backbone One PlayStation Edition Controller

Best Controller 2023 23013001 1

Writer: Chris De Hoog
Score: 9.5
Price: $139.99
The Backbone One, like the Razer Kishi, is a grip that cradles your smartphone for an enhanced gaming experience. Simply slide out the right handle, slot your phone into the grooves, and close the grip to plug the device into the Lightning port. What it gives up in complete foldability and compactness, it makes up for in firmness. Without feeling bulky or heavy, the Backbone One feels structurally sound; the contracting arms that extend to fit your phone impart total confidence that your phone is secure.

Again, as I was reviewing the PlayStation Edition, the PS5’s Remote Play was my focus, and neither the service nor the Backbone One disappointed me. Haptic feedback was noticeably absent at some points, yet that’s also a sacrifice I can make to play my PS5 games Switch-style. There was no feedback lag to speak of on either the controller or the app’s end; aside from the different grip, there was little impact on my performance in online shooting games.

The Backbone One offers just about everything I could ask of a mobile gaming grip—a sturdy, trustworthy design that mimics my favourite console well, with the functionality to expand my console gaming efficiently.

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