Mlb The Show 21 Unveils New Stadium Creator

Dayna Eileen

Dayna is a long time serial gamer. Mom of two, aunt to many, she absolutely loves introducing the people she knows to her love for games and nerd culture. You can find her on social @Cahlayna where she will talk all about getting her butt kicked in Fortnite, mains a hunter in World of Warcraft and longs for a new open world RPG she can waste hundreds of hours in.

Mlb The Show 21 Unveils New Stadium Creator 1

MLB The Show 21 Unveils New Stadium Creator

Major League Baseball is giving fans the chance to design their very own stadium in MLB The Show 21’s Stadium Creator.
Ring Ring Ring Sony’s Banana... Controller?

Ring Ring Ring Sony’s Banana… Controller?

Sony has solved a problem we didn’t know we had, and the solution is banana controllers.
Sims 4 Announces New Mini Dlc

Sims 4 Announces New Mini DLC

EA and The Sims 4 have released a new, tiny version of their normal DLC packs called kits.
Ea Issues Lifetime Ban To Fifa Player 1

EA Issues Lifetime Ban to FIFA Player

EA issued a lifetime ban to player 18-year-old FIFA player, Patrick O’Brien, after he retaliated against Ian Wright with a series of racially abusive messages.
Sony’s Play At Home Initiative Back Again 1

Sony’s Play at Home Initiative Back Again

PlayStation 4 and 5 players are receiving free games for the second year in a row through the Sony Play at Home initiative.
Auto Draft 479

New JRPG Fantasian, From Creator of Final Fantasy

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s studio, Mistwalker, has been working on Fantasian, a JRPG coming exclusively to Apple Arcade.
Fortnite Gives Midas A Sister 1

Fortnite Gives Midas a Sister

Data miners HYPEX have revealed that Epic Games has been working on a sister for popular skin Midas named Marigold in Fortnite
World Of Warcraft Classic Players Begin “The Fresh Crusade” 1

World of Warcraft Classic Players Begin “The Fresh Crusade”

Over 1000 World of Warcraft Classic Players have banded together against playing on over populated, toxic servers, in search of a fresh start.
Big Week In Store For Nintendo 1

Big Week in Store for Nintendo

Nintendo releases stories this week covering the Wii U, The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary and Nintendo Switch!
Ea Promises Creative Control To Game Developers

EA Promises Creative Control to Game Developers

EA announced today that the company vows to give its over 6000 game developers more creative control of their games.

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