Alone in the Dark Announces Cast, Release Date, and More!

Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby Come Home Soon.

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Pieces Interactive has finally let us in on the release date, cast and more for the upcoming Alone in the Dark 2023.

When you think of games that created entire genres, the first one that comes to mind is how Alone in the Dark (1992) created the survival horror genre that would go on to take the gaming world by storm. Unfortunately for the series, that high regard would also lead to its eventual fall from grace with Alone in the Dark (2008) and Alone in the Dark: Illumination (2015) being torn apart by fans and critics, leading to the series fading into obscurity.

That is until, in August 2022, THQ Nordic announced that it was remaking the original game in the style of recent Resident Evil Remakes. But things have been quiet since the announcement on the Alone in the Dark front until now.

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Last week, developer Pieces Interactive held a hands-off preview showcase of what to expect from the upcoming Alone in the Dark, including an absolutely stacked casting with David Harbour of Stranger Things heading up the role of Edward Carnby and Jodie Comer of Killing Eve fame tackling Emily Hartwood. 

Players will be able to play through the story as both characters with promises of changes in the story depending on who you are playing as. We got to see a few moments of this as we learned about the Dark Man. Along with seeing the game in action, solving puzzles, both gunplay and melee combat, it seems to be diving right back into that survival horror, with its enemies looking pretty horrific. 

To get yourself in the mood for Alone in the Dark, they also announced that there would be a Prologue demo released today. Following Grace exploring the Derceto Manor, this prologue will give us a better sense of the vibe and atmosphere waiting for us in Alone in the Dark, as they made it clear that there would be no combat in this demo since it follows a child.

The fact that Pieces Interactive sat down with series creator Frédérick Raynal to get him to sign off on the game is a huge step in gaining some early faith that Alone in the Dark will maintain the same ideology as the first game.

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After announcing the release date for Alone in the Dark on October 25th, 2023, they acknowledged that they had a lot of work left to do to bring this game to their fans. To everyone’s surprise, the pre-order bonus would be the original skin of Edward Carnby in all its pixelated glory. 

While it will be a while before we can actually say if Alone in the Dark 2023 will bring the series back from the dead, things look promising, and Pieces Interactive is putting a lot of love into this project. In October will find out for sure if Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood are able to beat the Hartwood curse.

Justin Wood
Justin Wood

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