Exciting Ashfall Gameplay Revealed At TGS 2022

Huge Ashfall Gameplay Revealed At TGS 2022 1

Legendary Star Studios pulled out all the stops at TGS 2022, and revealed Ashfall at the TGS 2022 complete with a new trailer and gameplay demo.

Announced way back in June, the new Legendary Stars Studio AAA title, Ashfall, has finally been given a trailer and some gameplay footage to finally put some visuals to its voice. The shooter MMORPG looks to be a marriage of the Fallout series, and Bethesda’s Rage 2 in a neat package filled with MMO goodness. The trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

The YouTube and Steam page for Ashfall details the plot a bit as “In the future, AI rises up and launches a nuclear war against humanity. After that, nothing other than ruins are left in the world. You must leave the Vault to find the Core of Creation—the key to saving the world.” The ambitious title is being published by Netease games, and has retained the talents of Hans Zimmer, Inon Zur and Steve Mazzaro. Zur is the composer responsible for genre-fitting titles such as Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas, and working with Dune composer Hans Zimmer fits the bill.

Huge Ashfall Gameplay Revealed At Tgs 2022

The title also forgoes the default FPS view of its inspiration and goes for a third person Outriders feel, that embraces the fast-paced action presented by the Legendary Star team. As with most third person shooting titles, this one features cover based combat, as the player on screen unloads on robots and what seems to be monster enemy lifeforms in “a world that was once destroyed.”

While not much was shown on the ambitious title, Ashfall will be a story worth following and its release date is scheduled as TBD for 2023. Fans can follow the game’s progress and updates by swinging over to the official Twitter account for the title now.

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