Beyond Good & Evil Goes Free on Ubisoft Club

| Oct 12, 2016
Beyond Good & Evil Goes Free on Ubisoft Club 2

This past month has been particularly exciting for Beyond Good & Evil fans. After Michel Ancel revealed two Instagram posts suggesting a Beyond Good & Evil 2 title was in development, fans became eager to see what Ubisoft had planned for the franchise. Now, a brand new development has taken place that proves quite interesting: Ubisoft Club is offering Beyond Good & Evil for free on PC.

Celebrating Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary, Beyond Good & Evil is part of seven monthly digital titles released by the company for free. All that’s required to play is an Internet connection and a Uplay account, and you’re free to own the games. Of course, Ubisoft Club’s offerings aren’t available forever, so interested players should take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. But for now, it seems like Beyond Good & Evil will be around until mid-November, when the next Ubisoft Club offering will be revealed.

Beyond Good & Evil is definitely an interesting title to host online. The game has always been a fan favourite, and while Ancel’s action-adventure classic was not a major commercial success when it was originally released, its story and gameplay have been hailed over the past 13 years for being engaging and innovative for its time. So for the longest time, many fans thought the series would live and die with its original release. But with Ancel’s Instagram posts come speculation that a new Beyond Good & Evil is on its way from Ubisoft. Interestingly enough, the sudden interest from the French publisher coincides with the upcoming launch of the Nintendo NX, which is also rumoured to have an exclusive deal for publishing Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Does the free Beyond Good & Evil copy on the Ubisoft Club page suggest that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is close? Well, not exactly. But with the recent attention that the publisher has been showing the franchise, let’s just say it doesn’t seem quite coincidental. Stay tuned as more news develops over the next couple months.

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